[Today] Ravi removed from list of military broker scandal

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Article: Ravi left out of list of prosecutions for military service corruption over false epilepsy diagnosis

Source: Insight via Instagram

1. [+351] If he's epileptic, how has been able to promote on TV all this time... amazing

2. [+161] How dare he claim a false epilepsy diagnosis, does he not understand how difficult it is for people who really suffer from them?!!!!!

3. [+151] You know, at least these celebrities have made us laugh once or twice on TV, what have the chaebol sons of politicians ever done for us to deserve these exemptions? Let's go after them too, not just the celebrities.

4. [+27] Epilepsy? What does he think he gains by getting out of service like this? Especially as someone with a career on TV... so thoughtless and short-sighted.

5. [+15] Normally, people who are truly falsely accused will come out with clear statements adamantly declaring their innocence... but it's always the guys like him who are like "I will comply with investigations" and are later then like "I'm sorry" if they're caught or silent if nothing ever comes of it... 

6. [+17] Hmm, now I'm wondering what kind of connections he has to have gotten out of this.. ㅎㅎ

7. [+15] Why are people hating when he was taken off the corruption list? That means he wasn't fabricating his diagnosis, right? 

8. [+8] Well obviously he was taken off the corruption list because he indeed does have epilepsy... 

9. [+16] I suppose he truly does have epilepsy then. And yes, you can be epileptic and still go to school or hold down a job. Sometimes people also serve in public service instead in the military. Seems like he got a bunch of hate because the indictment made everyone assume he was guilty. What a shame that his personal medical record was revealed to the world like this... 

10. [+14] That's why you gotta stay neutral


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