[Today] Schools will now keep bullying records on student records for two years past graduation

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Article: School bullies will have violence left on their record for two years after graduation

Source: Insight via Instagram

1. [+680] Two years is too short. Let's go with 200.

2. [+419] Why only two years?

3. [+498] Just keep it on their records forever

4. [+139] Can't we just record it as a criminal record that stays? Why not?

5. [+175] Two years is not enough! It should have to follow them for the rest of their employment careers.

6. [+180] Only two years??? Keep it on there forever!! Who even came up with such a lame solution?? Why are victims forced to deal with trauma al their lives while their bullies get off scot free after two years??

7. [+105] I'm telling you, school bullies should be given ID cards of a completely different color

8. [+210] Two years is no punishment. It should stay on their record for 10 years so that all of their future employers are informed of it. When victims are suffering all their lives, what's 10 years to anyone?

9. [+62] Make it forever... sigh

10. [+50] Only two years after graduation?? So by the time they're interviewing for their first job, it's disappeared from their records?? What was the point of it at all then? ㅎㅎㅎ

11. [+37] Two years? So after serving in the army, your slate is wiped clean... 

12. [+2] If the laws aren't going to protect us, if these bullies are going to use their money to get out of real consequences... then we should be able to keep a record of it for the rest of their lives... for the sake of the victims who also must live with it for the rest of their lives....

13. [+29] It should remain on their record for as long as their victims remember their trauma

14. [+17] It should at least be left long enough for them to have to face the consequences of it when they apply to colleges and interview for jobs!!!!!


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