[Today] SM CEO shares photo update of Lucas

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Article: Lucas gets posted on SM CEO's Instagram

Source: Idol Issue via Instagram

1. [+329] What? ㅋ Just screw off, immediately

2. [+261] Please screw off, I'm begging you

3. [+245] Nope, go back

4. [+193] I can't believe SM's really trying to keep him

5. [+158] The most ridiculous picture I've seen this year so far. Please hurry and leave SM, most immediately...

6. [+111] Who does he think he is to come crawling back like this, some YouTuber who got caught with undisclosed ads? Just leave already

7. [+45] .....Can't his face be blurred out?

8. [+49] F*ck... reminds me of his 2020 phoca that said "I'm back"...

9. [+14] Is this a joke? What the f*ck

10. [+26] Please do not call him NCT Lucas!!!

11. [+54] Please just leave SM, just as you are...

12. [+102] No... please... not this...

13. [+51] Please just leave. Super-M is coming back after a long time, and I'll set you on fire if I see you squeezed in there

14. [+28] Is SM allowed to publicly post the face of a non-celebrity like this?;;

15. [+18] If he's truly reflecting over his actions, he should know that not showing his face is the best thing he can do ^^

16. [+236] Screw off and don't come back

17. [+18] F*ck off

18. [+58] Who does he think he is to show his face like this?

19. [+9] Please leave us and go to your foreigner fans who still praise you

20. [+23] Leave leave leave leave leave leave leave


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