[Today] SM plans to debut 4 new groups this year in plans for 'SM 3.0'

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Article: SM Entertainment plans to debut four new teams this year

Source: Idol Issue via Instagram

1. [+500] Why not just be like JYP and make your own separate group in Japan... why add more to NCT... just stop..

2. [+336] Please just take NCT Tokyo and the new boy group and group them all into one new boy group debut. No more adding members to NCT...

3. [+308] I don't understand SM at all. Aespa is only three years into debut and they're being left on the backburner enough as it is, and SM wants to debut another girl group? And NCT fans don't even want more members but they keep ignoring the fans and adding more units... why is SM being like this???????

4. [+305] No, just give Aespa more promo activities..

5. [+108] Sounds like rookies and Sung/Sho are going to debut in NCT Tokyo..

6. [+111] I don't care about any of the new debuts, just please stop using NCT's name. And please stop giving Aespa comeback songs that the public has no interest in.

7. [+69] Please don't bring back Lucas, ok?

8. [+5] Another girl group...??? SM's pretty good at launching new girl groups with big gaps in between but just three years after Aespa??? Why not just take care of Aespa as they are now!! Why are agencies like this these days? 

9. [+31]] Please give Aespa more support, put out Red Velvet's third album, give Taeyeon her comeback concert, give Red Velvet their solo albums, stop giving Aespa weird songs, put an end to Got the Beat, and get rid of SMP please

10. [+2] It hasn't even been that long since Aespa debuted ㅜ


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