[Today] Song Hye Gyo and Han So Hee to star in a drama together

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Article: Song Hye Gyo to work with Han So Hee in new drama

Source: Insight + Insight via Instagram

1. [+92] It's been a while since I've seen Han So Hee, I can't wait

2. [+67] The coming together of Ulsan's Song Hye Gyo and the real Song Hye Gyo

3. [+43] If I had to switch my younger age for Song Hye Gyo's but I get her face and everything, I'd take that offer in a heartbeat

4. [+32] Song Hye Gyo's been doing crazy well these days

4. [+15] Even the scriptwriter for this drama is pretty, it's a beauty party up in here

5. [+11] Already love this ❤️

6. [+5] A combination of my faves ❤️

7. [+8] "A Midsummer's "Memory" was a real tragedy of a drama but the directing made it feel like 'The Little Forest' and made you forget about all of the tragedy... It left such a deep impression on me. I even bought the script book for it.

8. [+5] They both look alike but Song Hye Gyo is so much more of a goddess

9. [+1] Han So Hee really is a mini-Song Hye Gyo..

10. [+1] My two faves in one drama 👏

11. [+2] Wow, this is going to be daebak with just these two actresses alone. The viewer ratings won't know what's coming.


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