[Today] Song Joong Ki denounces all rumors about his wife

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Article: Song Joong Ki clarifies rumors about wife Katy "Everything is a lie except for her college education"

Source: Insight via Instagram

1. [+193] The divorce, the second marriage, it's all between the two of them so the rest of us just need to step back and congratulate them on their marriage, especially with a baby on the way~ No need to spread hate. Just be happy for them as they are. It's not like he's our son, oppa, or dongsaeng 🙌

2. [+164] People are just too jealous ㅋ They look good together, I wish them happiness

3. [+100] She's pretty and looks good with him

4. [+73] I wish them a happy life

5. [+66] I don't care

6. [+57] Song Joong Ki's not a fox, that I'm sure of. I wish them happiness.

7. [+33] It's quite obvious that supporters of his ex-wife are spreading all these rumors, clearly jealous of the fact that his new wife is younger than Song Hye Gyo by years, has graduated from a prestigious college, and is a UK resident. Her fans are constantly upvoting each other to get the best reply while putting others down, it's all just unfair!!

8. [+13] So it's not true that she's had two prior marriages?
- [+40] It's not. She's never been married. Or had kids before.
- [+6] Hul;;; not sure why the media reported such false rumors then;;

9. [+2] Just let the two of them live happily... what need is there for such hate?

10. [+26] Okay, got it

11. [+12] Whether the rumors are true or not, it changes nothing in our own lives... so why not just say "hmm okay" and move on? Aren't you all busy with your own lives anyway?

12. [+9] It still feels like he's rushing into this marriage...

13. [+9] I think people believed the rumors because everything about this just seemed so unbelievable at first.... reporters and netizens alike

14. [+3] Best off to just ignore the haters. They will never care for your happiness, only your misfortunes. Just keep loving as you are now ^^

15. [+7] Feminist communities are hilarious. They were so mad that he got divorced with Song Hye Gyo to marry a way prettier white woman so they started making up all these rumors saying it's her second marriage or whatever and now that he's denouncing them, they're all like "so what?" ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ They must be deathly jealous of her.


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