[Today] Song Minho admits he's let himself go on 'I Live Alone'

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Article: "I've let myself go" Song Minho's visual, claims he's given up on 'I Live Alone'

Source: Insight via Instagram [2] [3]

1. [+591] Keep your heart comfortable~~~ you can't expect to live your entire life managing your weight, can you? 

2. [+355] Sweden grandma (his nickname during 'New Journey to the West')

3. [+304] And at some point, he'll realize that he wants better for himself~ But while you're knocked over, just take a break down there... It seems like he's lost his path since the passing of his father...

4. [+270] Well, he's enlisting in the military soon, so it's probably the best time for him to be eating everything that he wants. What does it even mean to "take care of yourself" anyway ㅠㅠ

5. [+204] Weight gain is natural when you eat to your heart's content... It's okay to start managing your weight once you have to start promos for a new album or photoshoot~

6. [+193] It's okay to let yourself go, you can lose it later 👏

7. [+183] There are times in our life when we go through weight gain... not a big deal ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

8. [+167] He must be under a lot of stress

9. [+83] I like this

10. [+83] I thought the pictures were of a foreigner grandma at first..

11. [+66] Nothing wrong with just letting go in life once in a while... I support you!

12. [+18] He looks like an American grandpa

13. [+37] Try to take care of yourself... we all work ourselves to death to be able to eat, sleep, and sh*t comfortably, right?

14. [+36] And what a good eater he is 🔥

15. [+35] I think he feels a bit empty after losing his father 😢... take a deep break and get back to managing your weight slowly 

16. [+27] Weight can always be lost as needed, don't stress yourself out over it

17. [+22] Nothing wrong with letting yourself go once in a while ㅋㅋ

18.  [+12] I'm more impressed that he was able to hold himself back for the past 10 years when he's such a good eater like this


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