[Today] [Spoilers!!!] 'Physical: 100' finalist Jung Hae Min speaks up about rematch controversy

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Article: 'Physical: 100' second place winner Jung Hae Min reveals the truth of the finals... "The producers wanted a rematch"

Source: Insight via Instagram

1. [+180] It truly seemed like a game and a situation where Jung Hae Min was the clear winner but I guess the producers were trying to force editing cuts that resulted in meddling with the match

2. [+151] It doesn't matter who wins when fairness is not guaranteed because what does any of it matter at that point?

3. [+83] I really enjoyed the show and felt a lot of motivation to get more active in my own life, I'm upset that the show is being marred by stuff like this 😢

4. [+26] I'm just curious why people think the producers had any reason to be biased toward Woo Jin Yong. It'd make more sense if the producers were biased toward Yoon Sung Bin. 

5. [+10] Can't tell with all these one-sided statements. If he was in a position where he was being told to do something that he didn't agree with, he should've spoken up. Why only speak up now after the match has been completed and the show's been aired??? If this had been a global match, would he have chosen to speak up behind everyone's backs only now? I'm an avid viewer of the show and a fan of Jung Hae Min-ssi but I find this behavior a bit unfortunate. I will continue to support him as a cyclist!!

6. [+13] I don't think the producers were trying to push Woo Jin Yong to win... seems like both finalists were victims in this case.

7. [+11] Definitely a situation that's unfair for the runner-up

8. [+20] Just split the prize money in half for both of them

9. [+4] I was so impressed with the show and how well-produced it was only to find out what a mess it is behind the scenes


Source: Naver

1. [+169, -2] Yeah, I definitely felt like something was off. Jung Hae Min's performance in the beginning and middle seemed like he couldn't be overcome by the other contestant at all.

2. [+129, -3] Well, the hundreds of staff who were at the scene are all witnesses so I'm sure the truth of the situation will come out soon. I hope the finalists aren't too hurt over this.

3. [+59, -0] If this is all true, the runner-up must feel so, so bad. I felt like something was weird, too. Jung Hae Min was in such a large lead that it would feel impossible for Woo Jin Yong to overtake him but.. I guess we're all finding out now that the clips have been spliced together. With 300 million won on the line, it feels unfair that there was so much interference. The producers should've made sure that the match kept going no matter what. This totally ruins my trust in the show, and I doubt I'll be able to trust that a second season is being held fairly.

4. [+48, -0] Fact of the situation is that MBC lied saying there was no rematch but now the finalist is saying there was a rematch, whether it was by the producers' mistake or planned on purpose. This is pathetic.

5. [+45, -0] A rematch in a strength competition? ㅋㅋㅋ Is this a joke? ㅋㅋ I kept thinking it was weird that Jung Hae Min lost at all and now I'm seeing why.

6. [+30, -0] The fact that the producers paused the finals match at all is already so bad. I'm sure the finalists used every strength they had left thinking that this was their last match ever... but then to be told to do it al over again? Are you kidding me? The producers need to issue a public apology if they have any shame left.

7. [+28, -0] I was a bit worried for Jung Hae Min's stamina after seeing the speed he was going at in the beginning but he was in such a lead where a win just seemed in his favor. Woo Jin Yong had practically given up because he was no longer able to pull his rope at all but suddenly the situations were reversed in a dramatic win by him at the end, which I now realize was edited and spliced together... I don't know if these pauses were intentional but Jung Hae Min deserves a trophy and the prize money, too.

8. [+28, -0] I just knew it didn't make sense. Jung Hae Min was in such a huge lead that it was practically impossible for him to lose. 

9. [+23, -0] If an audio issue happened on set, the producers should've just kept filming and explained within the show that an issue occurred. Why hide it and manipulate the results? Why not show viewers exactly what happened and how the finalists worked to overcome it? 

10. [+20, -0] What I'm saying~ It was so obvious that Jung Hae Min was winning while Woo Jin Yong was off to the side with no energy left... but all of a sudden, Woo Jin Yong got a burst of energy and was pulling the rope so smoothly while Jung Hae Min was barely able to pull his? It made no sense... did Woo Jin Yong get a bottle of ginseng in the middle or something?


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