[Today] [Spoilers!!!] Physical:100 (Final Winner)

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Article: The winner of the 300 million won in 'Physical: 100' is crossfit athlete Woo Jin Yong

Source: MBN via Naver

1. [+83, -1] He never once swore, doesn't have any tattoos on him.. he truly showed what real strength is, what an amazing guy

2. [+75, -1] Everything about his confidence, mental will, and endurance pointed toward being the winner~

3. [+28, -0] Something about his eyes just looked different in the final five interview. I had a feeling he would win since then. A round of applause for his fight!

4. [+16, -2] Everyone on the show was amazing and cool 👍

5. [+14, -0] His tenacity really stood out since the Ouroboros' tail match. Not surprised to see him win. Muscle strength, stamina, endurance, and alacrity - he is so well rounded!

6. [+11, -0] I liked how the final match was clean. Just a one man torso show. What a refreshing concept for a variety show, one where the truth of sweat really touched my heart. 

7. [+9, -0] The bodybuilders were weaker than I thought...

8. [+8, -0] I'm normally not one to watch these types of shows but I kept coming back~!! The rules were quite fair and it was a well-made show without much room for criticism~!!

9. [+6, -0] So sad to see Jung Hae Min eliminated

10. [+4, -0] I didn't notice him all through the eight episodes but he really stood out in the last with not only his amazing strength but mental will. Congratulations!

11. [+4, -0] He showed the true tenacity of a Korean. Didn't once falter even until the very end.

12. [+3, -0] Watching this made me reflect on how weak I am..;; Everyone's so amazing! Congratulations on the win!! ^^

13. [+2, -0] I'm more surprised that he doesn't have any tattoos

14. [+1, -0] He shows that mental will is one of the strongest physical traits. And the bodybuilders made me laugh ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

15. [+1, -0] Such an interesting show. Great work to all of the competitors, and thank you to the PD for coming up with such a show. 


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