[Today] What happens when the bullied fights back against his bully?

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 Article: "My son beat his classmate up resulting in 12 weeks of recovery, I praised him" debate over whether this counts as self-defense

Source: News 1 via Nate

A Samsung employee posted on 'Blind' about his middle school son being a victim of school bullying since elementary school, a fact which was confirmed by the bullies, their parents, and their teacher already. In an effort to promote self-defense, he enrolled his son in jiu-jitsu lessons, which all came to a head when the son had enough of the bullying and used the lessons on fighting back against his bully, resulting in the bully being diagnosed with a broken nose and ankle requiring 12 weeks of recovery. The post sparked a debate on Blind, with some arguing that he should've taught his son to ask for help from those around him before resorting to violence and others thinking that the bully got off easy with a broken ankle after years of bullying the son. 


1. [+3,832, -79] Students should not be told to "hold back" when it comes to school bullying. Get athletic, learn a sport, and get your revenge like this.

2. [+3,750, -66] If the bully already admitted to bullying the son, then yes, this is an act of self-defense

3. [+3,350, -72] If the son is telling the truth, then he deserves to be praised for fighting back. Students can report bullying and tell every adult that they know and not a thing will be done about it in this country. You might actually be punished even harder for it. This is indeed a case of self-defense.

4. [+173, -2] I'd rather my child fight back rather than "hold back" all those years only to end up jumping off a rooftop. I think what the son chose to do is a good thing.

5. [+150, -2] I'd rather my child kill than be killed

6. [+118, -2] He broke the kid's ankle? That's no joke of a pain.. Hopefully that kid never bullies another classmate again after that.

7. [+111, -1] If that was my son, I'd treat him to something yummy and encourage him to learn more sports... I can't say that this was the right way to handle it but at least it won't leave him with any regrets...

8. [+102, -1] That's self-defense. If he had not defended himself, what would be next? Suicide??? 

9. [+91, -1] He did the right thing. I'd rather he fight back than have to hear about his suicide in the news. I feel good for him. Good job.

10. [+81, -1] Victims of bullying live with the trauma all their lives... meanwhile, this bully only needs 12 weeks of recovery, and he should be grateful for that...

11. [+73, -1] No one will take your side. Not the police, not the school. You did good, kiddo.

12. [+56, -3] This is so much better than my kid being beat around for no reason, getting injured and left with lifelong physical and mental trauma... There's no coward than those who bully those weaker than him!!!

13. [+54, -1] What do you expect when the police, the schools, the courts refuse to protect you?

14. [+39, -1] 12 weeks of recovery???? So he wasn't even beat up all that badly... should've beat him up to the point of near-death.


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