[Today] With idol members landing luxury ambassadorships left and right, when will Aespa get to shine?

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Video: Other girl groups are all getting luxury deals, but the real reason Aespa never accepts individual deals

Source: Issue Feed via YouTube

1. [+59] It's not that Aespa isn't receiving luxury sponsorship deals, it's that they're turning them down. Karina and the members promised one another at debut that they wouldn't do individual ads, only group deals, which limits their options... I do commend their loyalty to one another.

2. [+229] Speaking objectively, once Aespa is allowed to promote individually more, Karina and Winter are going to get a ton of CFs and ambassador deals... I remember a story about how annoyed SM was when Karina and Winter were the only ones who got a contact lens deal when they were rookies... 

3. [+99] I think it's amazing that they're keeping their promise to one another for this long

4. [+106] Aespa already have Chopard and Givenchy ambassador deals, which is amazing considering that they're two luxury deals as a group, not individuals. I know people keep saying that once this group clause is over, Karina and Winter are going to take off and it'll be over for the other two, but that's only if they limit their market to Korea. Karina and Ningning are super popular overseas, and Giselle has been gaining popularity the more she dexplores better hair/make up styles that work for her. People are always harping about how there's a huge popularity discrepancy between the members in Aespa but the other groups aren't that much better off if you compare YouTube views. It's also unfair to assume that Ningning is going to run from the group just because other Chinese members have in the past, especially with no evidence to back it up. Seventeen and IDLE have Chinese members, why don't they get the same criticisms lodged at them? 

5. [+113] No, but for real... Karina is the perfect image for luxury brands and it sucks that she's being kept on the backburner..

6. [+15] I kinda get why SM wants to keep them as a group for now... Twice is promoting actively as individuals right now but they weren't able to before and I think that helped their image a lot...

7. [+185] It probably doesn't help that their metaverse image is so strong

8. [+81] It definitely does seem like idol groups have been getting more luxury ambassador deals since Black Pink came on the scene

9. [+20] But once this group clause expires... there's going to be such a huge discrepancy between two members and the other two...

10. [+37] Karina totally gives me Prada vibes!

11. [+7] It might help them in the end since their image is being consumed less by the media which keeps them a bit exclusive

12. [+29] It's not only Aespa... JYP idols aren't allowed to do individual deals either because of what happened with Suzy and her group

13. [+129] Aespa is better off being managed by Hybe...


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