[Today] Yoo Ah In tests positive for marijuana usage

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Article: Yoo Ah In tests positive for 'marijuana' from National Forensic Service test

Source: Insight via Instagram

1. [+437] So talented and young... what a waste of it all...

2. [+336] Wow, druggie king Veteran, Yoo Ah In 👍

3. [+275] I always felt like something about the way he talks, just his overall vibe felt very much like a druggie to me. Like he's always high on something.

4. [+93] Why would he do this... He should know better than anyone that touching stuff like that is career-ending... So disappointing as a fan... 

5. [+90] This is ridiculous...

6. [+18] Perhaps he wasn't acting all along... it was for real..

7. [+62] All those times he went around acting like an intellectual, he was just high...

8. [+164] Aw dammit, are we not getting 'Hellbound 2' then ㅠ

9. [+31] And who could he have smoked it with?? Dig into it with the investigations

10. [+161] I wonder if he was high on 'I Live Alone'? Because I remember thinking he looked high out of his mind... but just chalked it up to him maybe being four-dimensional or putting on an act of being quirky or whatever..

11. [+30] Marijuana on top of Propofol... bye bye...

12. [+13] There was always something off about his eyes

13. [+8] To all of you who are like "it's just marijuana, what's the big deal" I wonder if you're speaking from experience? 😮😮 Because it may be legal overseas but it is still very much illegal in Korea


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