[Today] Yoo Young Jin pledges his loyalty to Lee Soo Man, details emerge of Lee Soo Man's conditions with Hybe

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Article: Yoo Young Jin "It is not truly SM without Lee Soo Man... I cannot remain without him"

Source: Insight via Instagram

1. [+292] A Hongcheol team without Hongcheol

2. [+127] How can you be saying this after hearing Got the Beat's song?

3. [+124] I will not deny that Yoo Young Jin has done a lot in growing SM to where it is now but he has to see that his skills are stuck in the past glory days.. He's outdated, and it's time for him to retire. You've worked hard, and goodbye. 

4. [+118] I agree, even the name SM is named after his own name Soo Man

5. [+61] I can't believe one group, BTS, is eating up all of SM at once...

6. [+36] I don't know about that but I just don't want it going to Kakao

7. [+29] Then leave with him ㅋ

8. [+27] Just leave together, the both of you

9. [+13] You can take Soo Man with you to China

10. [+10] Okay but let's be real, no one put a gun to Lee Soo Man's head to make him sell all his shares. If you like him so much, go leave with him and have fun together. Or maybe you should've stopped him from selling his shares? Because he doesn't get to sell his shares for money and still act like he owns the company; you understand that, right??

11. [+9] At this point, it looks like we might see a shake-up in the artist line-up as well... 

12. [+2] Yeah, you can leave. Stop ruining SM's songs. You've been ruining SM groups since BoA and TVXQ.


Source: Naver

1. [+533, -27] Okay, this is kind of off topic but Yoo Young Jin also needs to quit producing music. His style is too outdated.

2. [+170, -7] I wonder what he thinks is the reason SM hasn't been making any eye-catching achievements in the past few years? They may have been doing fine five years ago but they don't seem to realize that they've quickly become outdated with the current trends.

3. [+154, -10] Nah, both Yoo Young Jin and Lee Soo Man need to leave SM....

4. [+116, -4] If your contract's over, it's over. I don't get this mindset where he thinks he's entitled to the company even after the contract's expired. If he wanted to stay on so badly, he shouldn't have left his position. He sold his shares and got money for it... so he wants the money and the business rights, too? 

5. [+69, -27] I'm honestly not fond of any of the SM groups

7. [+27, -1] If your contract's over, it's over. Why do you think you get to stay on and have an opinion over how things are run? These dinosaurs like Kim Min Jong and Yoo Young Jin don't seem to understand how a publicly traded company works.

8. [+15, -0] Isn't Yoo Young Jin the one responsible for all of the ridiculous lyrics in SM?

9. [+18, -4] You've done well, and it's time to leave for Kwangya now. There are so many talented composers and writers in our country who can replace you. I'm sure both Kakao and Hybe want you to leave. And leave these statements for your personal letters to Lee Soo Man.

10. [+11, -1] Lee Soo Man and Yoo Young Jin are the ones responsible for all that Kwangya whining, right? Anyone who admits that SM can't run without Lee Soo Man are just admitting that they're all useless to the company so let them all go.


Article: Lee Soo Man's conditions for selling shares to Hybe (keep administrative rights, be allowed to participate in production for his own projects like NCT and Aespa)

Source: Idol Issue via Instagram

1. [+369] Please just hash this out with conversations like the adults you guys are ^^ please? Why are you two adults taking K-Pop by the head and shaking it around like this.... ㅜㅜㅜㅜ

2. [+247] If he cared so much about seeing his personal passion projects Aespa and NCT to the end, then he wouldn't be holding the company hostage like this ㅎㅎ I feel like his decisions are only going to make things worse

3. [+133] All I want if Hybe acquires SM is for them to leave the groups with SM's style like NCT and Aespa alone. Keep SM separate and allow them to continue on with SM traditions like their concerts and Halloween events. As long as Hybe doesn't stop them from continuing on with their usual stuff, that's all I'm asking for...

4. [+91] If Lee Soo Man actually cared so much about seeing NCT and Aespa through, then he shouldn't be behaving like this. The majority of NCT's contracts are up for renewal this year, what does he expect them to do?

5. [+71] Sure, I guess Hybe could agree to these conditions... but let's be real here  ㅋ once the shares are passed over, it's only natural for Hybe to want to push the team out and fill them back up with people they know are on their side

6. [+47] I don't know how he expects NCT or Aespa to renew their contracts in the middle of all of this... These are kids who always took time out of their speeches to personally thank him for all he's done, and this is how he's paying them back? By leaving? And now he's claiming he's always had the intention of seeing their projects through?

7. [+95] Please uphold these conditions......

8. [+19] I'm just scared that NCT won't renew because of all this mess going on with the company... ㅠㅠ

9. [+55] Bang-ssi... please just don't throw all these conditions out the window... that's all I'm asking for

10. [+12] Why is everyone blaming Lee Soo Man? The people who tried to throw him out are SM's directors. Once Lee Soo Man realized that, he understood that he would have less shares than Kakao, which is why he's going to Hybe for help... to keep his position, like you're all begging him to. This is the best solution he could come up with, and we can only hope that the other idols aren't caught in the crossfire of it all.

11. [+29] He wants to see NCT and Aespa through to the end...  ㅋ okay, then don't sell your company, the f*ck


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