[Today] YouTuber Kagwang criticized for rude behavior towards ITZY's Chaeryung on plane

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Article: YouTuber Kagwang meets ITZY on plane, under controversy for unmannerly behavior

Source: Wikitree via Instagram

The YouTuber was live streaming while boarding his flight when viewers noticed ITZY's Chaeryung in the background. Upon realizing that he was seated behind a celebrity, he began singing 'Dalla Dalla' and pretending to take a fake phone call from Park Jin Young, causing Chaeryung to eventually move seats. 

1. [+983] YouTubers piss me off now

2. [+255] Isn't this the YouTuber who went around crossdressing for hidden camera pranks??? Sigh

3. [+241] I just hate the idea of being filmed without my consent anywhere public, especially if I'm on public transportation just hoping to rest and stay quiet only for some guy to act like this... ㅎ

4. [+187] Kagwang has so many other contrversies, it's a wonder how he's stayed relevant for so long..

5. [+197] I watched this stream. Kagwang kept saying he didn't know who ITZY was but his viewers kept commenting ITZY everywhere until he found out who she was. Then he whispered to her asking if she's a celebrity and she glared at him and moved seats. He only recorded her for like 1-2 seconds? And when he sang 'Dalla Dalla', it was because the chat was writing the lyrics and he said it more like "I really don't know that song..." and sang 'Dalla Dalla' to the 'Roly Poly' melody.
- [+77] Whether she's a celebrity or not, he never should've asked her on a plane
- [+18] ^ What's so wrong with asking if he doesn't know who she is? What's it matter if it's a plane or elsewhere? Are you not allowed to ask questions to celebrities anymore? I admit it was wrong of him to film her without her consent but I don't see a problem with him asking her a question ㅋㅋ celebrities aren't some special beings who are above us or anything ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

6. [+35] I have no idea who either of these people are

7. [+227] He was already problematic for not only streaming live on a plane but chatting like that in a public space; does he have no basic manners? 

8. [+7] She's a top idol, I'd be pretty annoyed too if someone asked me "are you a celebrity?"...

9. [+2] I'd be so annoyed just being in the same space as him. Imagine finding out that you were featured on his stream at all, someone so beneath her...

10. [+7] Not really surprised coming from a streamer who lives life as if he has nothing to lose ㅋㅋ


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