[Today] 'True Beauty' webtoon readers express criticism to Naver for not taking it down during writer's tax evasion scandal

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Article: Naver continues Yaongyi's webtoon despite her tax evasion controversy... angered readers "How can this be allowed?"

Source: Chosun Biz via Naver

Readers "Shouldn't she be pausing the webtoon if she's under controversy right now?" vs Naver "We do not take down webtoons over private matters going on in the writer's life"


1. [+563, -11] True Tax Evasion Humiliation

2. [+381, -10] Her webtoon's not even good. There are tons of amazing manhwas with strong storylines and amazing art, it's sickening that she's made all this money in the webtoon industry off of her own looks...;;; The industry used to be so that only the truly good stories made jackpot money but with lookism being at an all-time high these days... it's just ridiculous that her webtoon is one of the top-earning stories in the industry at all.

3. [+196, -5] She's spent all her cash on buying things to show off so she's gotta be desperate to keep her webtoon online! Her luxury habits are going to be hard to break if she loses her income.

4. [+69, -4] The goddess of shamelessness

5. [+68, -5] If she has poor enough character to commit tax evasion, she's definitely got thick enough skin to keep going with her webtoon

6. [+34, -2] Just don't read the webtoon and give her attention... why are you still reading and getting mad over it ㅋㅋ?

7. [+29, -1] All that pretending to be rich, showing off her goods, her positive mindset... It's truly a scientific fact that those who are always going on about how happy they are on SNS have something fishy going on behind it all

8. [+24, -1] What's funnier is that the webtoon's already over but she did a spin-off with a side character and is now doing a spin-off of the spin-off

9. [+11, -0] She should've just requested a temporary pause on the webtoon while handling this scandal but of course she's not a good enough person to do that. Her readers who will support her through any scandal are just as much of a problem.

10. [+11, -3] Please kick people like her out of the industry... what has she done other than show off import cars with her plastic face? All bought off the money from evaded taxes? 

11. [+8, -1] If both Naver and the webtoon artist don't want to take the webtoon down, then it's on you readers to not read it. Get mad all you want, no one's listening. Just don't read it ㅋ

12. [+5, -0] True Evasion

13. [+3, -0] Just don't subscribe to her. It's because of you pigs who subscribe over any scandal that they grow such thick skin, tsk tsk tsk


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