[Today] How far is too far with cancel culture on public figures with school bullying scandals?

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Article: "Exiled from the industry, kicked out of groups, contracts terminated" the norm in Korea for school bullies

Source: Everyday Economy via Naver [NYT article here]

1. [+2,402, -27] So those who think we're going too far are fine with the lives of the victims being ruined?

2. [+1,364, -23] If people think the consequences are going too far for a mistake someone made in school, then how are you going to compensate for the loss that their victims must face for their inability to study in school and the consequences they'll face for the rest of their lives? We are simply doling out an eye for an eye.

3. [+1,180, -10] These bullies chose to be bullies. How can that ever be comparable to the losses suffered by the victims? We have to show that the bullies also suffer losses to prevent more bullying from happening.

4. [+441, -10] As long as victims exist, we cannot permit bullies from being able to pursue a career in front of the public. Why must victims be the only ones to carry the burden of their crime to their grave?? Bullies must also live in silence!!

5. [+82, -0] I don't think foreign media outlets get to have an opinion on this... violence is dealt with severely in the west while our country still treats it like a light crime. Children of the powerful are instantly forgiven, which is why our society is so much more angrier with them. If western laws applied to our country, then all of the bullies in 'The Glory' would be sitting in jail right now... Our cultures are simply not comparable.

6. [+73, -1] Any student who commits violence and s*xual harassment or assault does not deserve to be treated like a human being because they have chosen to forfeit all their rights by committing those crimes. The scarlet letter must follow them for the rest of their lives.

7. [+67, -2] NYT's argument would make sense if these bullies were viewed as adults in the eye of the courts but they often get off free for being minors. The public will never forgive them for ruining the lives that they did, and we especially won't allow them to be on TV and cause further harm in another industry.

8. [+64, -2] NYT needs to make note that Korea does not have harsh punishments for bullies like this. That is why our society has stepped up to punish them instead.

9. [+54, -2] Why should their lives not be ruined when they've ruined their victim's? They should never be allowed to be near a chance at success. Forever.

10. [+47, -2] Nope. School bullies should be exiled from society forever to further prevent school bullying. I like what we as a society have been doing.

11. [+38, -1] I agree that we're taking it too far as a society but the problem lies with the fact that these bullies aren't being properly punished in the courts. If these bullies were held responsible for their crimes, then our society wouldn't feel the need to punish them ourselves.

12. [+36, -2] I think the NYT seems to think these school bullying cases are just immature acts that our society is being too harsh over, and it feels extremely misinformed, especially as our country is going through a scandal with Jung Soon Shin at the moment.

13. [+34, -0] Our society wouldn't care about these bullies if they were sent to jail for their crimes ㅎㅎ our laws need to be fixed

14. [+28, -1] I agree that there are some crimes that should be forgiven if the person has demonstrated reflection and growth. I actually don't care whether a school bully grows up to become rich and successful. What I do care is that they stay out of careers like celebrities and sports stars that rely on the public. Their victims are already living traumatized lives, they should not also have to watch their bully on their TV screens as well. 

15. [+27, -1] Explain to me why it's not okay for these bullies to have their lives ruined over their actions when their bullies are living ruined lives because of them? 


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