[Today] Jo Min Ah expresses sadness at not being invited to Jewelry reunion at Seo In Young's wedding

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Article: Jo Min Ah expresses hurt feelings at not being invited to Seo In Young's wedding

Source: Wikitree via Instagram

1. [+165] It just makes me think that she really must be that bad for them to not invite her at all

2. [+87] People are avoiding you for a reason... I actually feel bad that she seems so oblivious to herself. She truly seems like someone who enjoys every controversy she gets into. While most celebrities stay quiet when they're embroiled in a scandal in the hopes that it'll pass and be forgotten, she enjoys it. And by the way, stop clinging on to the Jewelry name. All of the members are married and raising kids of their own now. The newer generation doesn't even know who you are.

3. [+58] She's so annoying, no wonder they cut her off ㅡㅡ

4. [+86] All she ever does is cause controversies.. why would anyone want to invite her. She's always in the headlines dragging Jewelry's name through the mud with all her controversies.

5. [+13] Park Jung Ah cut ties with her, that's all I need to know about her

6. [+15] It's more embarrassing that she's calling them out for not inviting her... and it's sad that she doesn't recognize that. I suppose that's why her life continues to be as sad as it is...

7. [+24] Their only tie to you as a Jewelry member was through a business contract. They don't have to invite you to the wedding if they don't want to ㅎ Why whine about being sad about it over and over again...

8. [+30] I can see why they're avoiding her

9. [+3] Why would you even bring this up and bring bad vibes to someone else's happy day? What do you want us to do about the fact that you weren't invited? 

10. [+14] She's exhausting 🤦‍♀️

11. [+12] Relationships change all the time. Just because you were once in a group together doesn't mean you're tied to one another for life. At this point, it seems more like she caused her own destruction in the group rather than being bullied out.

12. [+38] She's the one who cut off the members first for her acting career, why is she cosplaying as the victim now? 

13. [+1] Even when she was in Jewelry, she'd whine about being ostracized and emphasize that she left the group voluntarily. I can see why they ostracized her now. At least Seo In Young and Park Jung Ah were the singers of the group and Lee Ji Hyun had the visuals, what did she bring to the table other than her bakery controversy? She's not a child anymore, she should keep matters like this private, but her lack of ability to see that is what her biggest problem is.


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