[Today] Kim Sae Ron attends first trial for drunk driving scandal

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Article: Prosecution demands 20 million won in fine for Kim Sae Ron's drunk driving accident

Source: Everyday Economy via Naver

1. [+460, -7] Only 20 million won?

2. [+173, -3] This ajusshi is disappointed in you...

3. [+154, -6] 20 million won is nothing to her, no? Can we please make the punishments for drunk driving harsher than this? ㅠ

4. [+62, -8] If they're demanding a monetary penalty, that makes her an ex-convict now

5. [+51, -2] Only 20 million won? We really need a revamp of the laws.

6. [+21, -0] Please stay off of TV forever. You are a murderer in the making.

7. [+19, -0] Drinking and driving should be an immediate jail sentence. What's with this measly fine?

8. [+14, -0] She should be banished from the industry forever. Remember that drunk driving scandal about the cream pastry father who was killed in a hit and run? If someone had died because of her a
ctions, that someone would've also been someone's father, husband, mother, dongsaeng, oppa, or nuna. Even if death wasn't involved, a severe injury could have. An accident like this is a lifelong trauma for the families involved.

9. [+7, -0] I wish there was some law in place that prohibited celebrities from returning to the industry after drinking and driving. I'm tired of everyone making their apologies "through a new comeback"!

10. [+6, -0] Looks like she's setting up her new concept of looking pitiful

11. [+4, -0] 20 million won is nothing to her... I bet she's thinking "nice!" on the inside

12. [+3, -0] Pffft, 20 million won? She could show her face somewhere for 30 minutes and make 20 million won.


Article: Kim Sae Ron "I am staying away from alcohol... and suffering from financial difficulties"

Source: Han via Naver

1. [+278, -1] Where are your parents? Why are you suddenly the family's breadwinner and whining about financial difficulties?

2. [+145, -6] Financial difficulties my a$$, the rest of us have it harder than you

3. [+98, -4] Use this as an opportunity to understand your crime and reflect over it. Don't ever come back. Pursue something else and work hard at it.

4. [+54, -1] Only 20 million won... we really need harsher laws

5. [+47, -2] She could sell that car she drove to cause the accident live for a year off of it... All she has to say is sorry and promise to reflect but she's saying all this unnecessary stuff for pity


Source: Insight via Instagram

1. [+722] No no to paying back your crime with more acting, I no longer want to see you on my screen

2. [+157] She had no problem spending all this time partying but now chooses to show up looking like this with fake dark circles

3. [+344] She's wearing make up to look as pitiful as possible, and dressed like she's been so busy reflecting that she couldn't pay attention to put together a more polished look. Reminding me of Seungri's first trial all over again.

4. [+96] Her dark circles down to her cheekbones ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

5. [+52] She's aged a lot in the past year... you reap what you sow, after all

6. [+98] Isn't she in her twenties? How did she age so hard? She looks like she's in her forties. 

7. [+30] Looks like she tried really hard to look as pitiful as possible..

8. [+19] Reflecting over your crime is a completely separate thing from paying the price for it. You still have to pay the price for your crime. Just because you've been reflecting doesn't mean you can ask to get away with a lesser punishment ㅋㅋㅋ


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