[Today] Rage and disgust ensue over 'In the Name of God', documentary ranks #1 on Netflix Korea

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Article: 'In the Name of God'... "I almost threw up while watching", "The devil himself"

Source: Newsis via Nate

1. [+1,814, -90] I remember watching a documentary JMS when I was younger so I'm shocked that people are still falling for this man. Obviously, I know the blame lies with the person doing the scamming but if you continue to fall for his lies even after all this information, don't you hold some responsibility as well?

2. [+1,738, -94] Cults are still alive and everywhere these days... There are others like Chungong and Jun Kwang Hoon, etc...

3. [+1,529, -16] Truly a disgusting, dirty, vomit-inducing scammer~~~

4. [+100, -0] I was so angered while watching, I just couldn't believe that someone like him was still alive and well to this day ㅡㅡ

5. [+96, -2] I remember watching an older documentary about this when I was younger... and I still remember a part about how the parents of a s*xually assaulted member refused to take her to the hospital because they kept believing that he would cure her.. ㅠㅠ The fact that this cult is still around must mean that there is not enough being done to penalize him, no? What else could it be..

6. [+85, -1] Shocking that the cult holds members who are not only professors but doctors and prosecutors as well

7. [+84, -1] Obviously the cult has ties to the government for it to still be running around today

8. [+75, -1] How can you watch this and still believe him to be a messiah? You have to be insane... When would Jesus ever live such a debaucherous life with women all around him? I'll believe him as the messiah if he kills himself and comes back alive, so let's put him on the death penalty.

9. [+67, -5] If you want to believe in anything, just believe in God and Jesus... do not believe a fellow human to be your messiah or whatever...

10. [+53, -3] He's nothing but an elementary school graduate, shortie with a lisp... not one good thing about him, just absolutely disgusting. I can't view any church goer as sane in good conscience. So frustrating to watch all these women suffer his attacks. I just can't understand why you'd stay still thinking that this is what God wanted for you.


Article: "The reality of JMS Jung Myung Suk... too shocking? We've shown only 1/10 of reality"

Source: Korea Economy via Nate

1. [+261, -1] Thank you so much for taking the time to produce a documentary like this. I hope all cults are killed off.

2. [+218, -1] I had to stop watching because I felt so disgusted, but I guess that was what the producer intended. I will need to go back to finish it because I'm still curious as to how normal people can fall for such a cult.

3. [+199, -0] I was so heartbroken and enraged when I saw what happened to the father of the professor. And for him to still kneel in his fight for justice, I am only grateful and glad.

4. [+26, -0] I'm so disgusted. He's nothing but a s*x offender using the mask of a pastor. Nothing but life in prison is the solution.

5. [+24, -3] I was flabbergasted hearing five women offer him their privates like that. I don't understand how people so normal can become s*x slaves like this.

6. [+23, -0] I know that there are people saying it was inappropriate of the documentary to reveal all that they did without consideration of the victims but I think this is a case where the truth can only be told once the true horror of the situation has been uncovered like this. I hope that other cult believers watch this and wake up.

7. [+12, -0] Religion should never be about believing in human beings

8. [+7, -0] A mystery how he's still alive

9. [+6, -0] I was so consumed in anger and tears after finishing this on Netflix. So much frustration. I recommend everyone to watch it and wake up to the reality of cults. I cried so much over the child who died because of their parents ㅠ It's so pathetic that people can be this deep into something so crazy.

10. [+5, -0] I pray for Synnara Records to go bankrupt


Article: Rage ensues over the perverted crimes of Jung Myung Suk... Netflix's 'In the Name of God' ranks #1 in Korea

Source: Elec News via Naver

1. [+140, -1] So many problems like the fact that we still haven't prosecuted him, that there are still people who believe him to be God. Let's please start taxing religions and prosecuting pieces of trash like him properly.

2. [+86, -0] If you read on Namu Wiki, you can find the names of the lawyers under him.. They're a huge law and expensive law firm, and it's no wonder he's been able to go on these crime sprees

3. [+21, -2] A devil wearing the mask of religion

4. [+17, -0] Please put this man behind bars

5. [+15, -0] I was so nauseous while watching, I almost threw up...


Article: "No blur on the bodies of the victims" concerns over 'In the Name of God'

Source: Han via Naver

1. [+515, -7] I think this docu handled the s*xual assault matters in an appropriate way. If you have the time to nitpick over things like this... why not put that effort toward taking down these cults?

2. [+249, -2] The nudity is not the issue here... the issue is that the documentary only shows 10% of the horrors this cult has committed. We should all be shocked and act with caution.

3. [+179, -2] I did not think at all about the nudity while watching... Is that all this reporter was thinking about while watching? 

4. [+35, -0] The victims themselves asked for the evidence to be shown exactly as is... so why are you as the viewer focusing on the wrong thing? The focus was on allowing the victims to present their evidence as the truth of it was, and all you cared about are their nudes??? Why do you think this is classified as a documentary....

5. [+31, -0] This is just how Netflix is, they value freedom of expression. There is way more explicit content on Netflix, is that all problematic as well? I don't think this should be considered an issue when the point of it all was to deliver the truth exactly as they saw it.

6. [+30, -1] The nudity was shocking but I never thought they were being exploited for the show. This is a documentary, after all, not a movie.

7. [+25, -0] I understand where the concerns are coming from, but I don't think the producers didn't see this coming when they made the decisions that they did. If anything, I think it shows the desperation on the producers' and the victims' behalf, to shock the public into seeing the truth of this cult. I truly respect all of those who were brave enough to lend their voice to this cause, and the rest is up to the public to act for justice. To sit here and take issue with nudity is just... such a waste of a brain.

8. [+21, -0] The nudity wasn't for the sake of provocativeness, it was to show the truth as it truly was. I think it's only once we see the cult for what it is like this that we're able to speak more clearly to their believers. 


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