[Today] A school bullying victim of 12 years shares her journey in contacting her bullies for closure

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Article: School bullying victims reveals her identity to find her bullies to ask for an apology... they ended up being 'real life Park Yeon Jin'

Source: Insight via Instagram

MBC featured the story of a victim of school bullying for 12 years in her journey to find her bullies and ask for an apology for her own closure. Unfortunately, upon finding the bullies, they exemplified behaviors akin to 'The Glory' Park Yeon Jin. They told her that she had made it all up and that they didn't want to be associated with her at all, eventually forcing the victim to file a lawsuit for cause of special injury. 

In one text message exchange, a bully had said:

Bully: Are you acting like this because you're high off of that one drama that's on these days?

Bully: Do you think you're Song Hye Gyo or something?

Victim: I haven't even started anything, why are you so triggered?

Bully: I heard that you're going around contacting everyone

Victim: Yeah, you used to beat me


1. [+3,517] Giving the victims a voice is probably the best thing 'The Glory' has done for society

2. [+2,017] It's crazy that these people really never change...

3. [+2,693] It gives me goosebumps that Park Yeon Jin is not a fictional character and that she exists in real life..

4. [+1,220] Just pull a Jo Yi Seo. Spread pamphlets and fliers about what they've done at their jobs and to their families. Let everyone know so you can start your own revenge like Moon Dong Eun.

5. [+618] You did well. I applaud your bravery in stepping up for yourself. These people will never learn to reflect.

5. [+801] A bigger punishment will await them

6. [+286] Wait, they forced her head into a toilet????

7. [+286] I hope this drama exposes all of the school bullying scandals around the country

8. [+528] These issues need to continue to be brought forward and kept in the headlines so that we can finally rip out bullies by their roots!!

9. [+44] I saw the episode and I just could not believe that this could happen in real life. There's not one thing that makes it any different from 'The Glory'. The bullies were yelling at her saying there's no evidence, that she can't charge them with nothing, that she's acting like a stalker now ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ I hope that this becomes so big that they aren't able to hold their faces in public anymore

10. [+496] I truly hope 'The Glory' sparks a 'school bully #metoo' movement so that we can uproot this issue once and for all 🔥🔥🔥


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