[Today] With Yoo Ah In's works being redlighted, co-stars begin to voice their frustrations

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Article: Drama 'Goodbye Earth' at risk of being disbanded due to Yoo Ah In's drug scandal... co-stars breathe a sigh of concern

Source: Insight via Instagram

1. [+476] The co-star is right... the director, writer, cast members, staff.. what did they do to deserve this? I read that the scriptwriter is also fighting cancer ㅜㅜ How could Yoo Ah In not think he would get caught while taking so many different drugs? He shouldn't have signed on to these projects at all.. He had to have known that these dramas wouldn't get to see the light or would face controversy if his scandal came out after their releases. Why are you making others cry tears of blood over your own actions?...

2. [+378] If you want to ruin your life, limit the damage to yourself. Why affect others like this?

3. [+173] Um Hong Seok-ssi, take responsibility for your actions

4. [+168] Please just release the projects that have completed filming. We won't boycott them just because Yoo Ah In is in them. If anything, we'll find the time to see them for the sake of these co-stars. I'm sure that Yoo Ah In himself is the most upset over what's happened, and  I don't think erasing him out of everything is the best solution at times like this. He needs support from those around him.
- [+8] We erase them from the media to prevent criminals from earning a profit and further spreading their negative influence on our society. If we continue to allow criminals to show their faces on our screens, our society will become lenient to their crimes. 

5. [+41] So many lives are being ruined over his actions...

6. [+73] Kim Young Woong's acting was amazing in 'Vincenzo'~ sigh, what a shame that this is happening... the victims are falling like dominos over his actions ㅠㅠ

7. [+53] Can't we just continue releasing his dramas and movies for the sake of the other cast members? Anything he hasn't filmed yet can be replaced by another actor. Just because we view his works doesn't mean we're supporting Yoo Ah In...

8. [+52] Sorry to say but I don't think we'll be seeing these releases 😢 It's best these co-stars brush it off and find new work ㅠㅠ 

9. [+53] Kim Young Woong spent such a long time in the shadows, working delivery jobs to make ends meet.. It made me so happy to see him in the few roles that he had because it seemed like he was finally getting recognition. So sad that this is happening to him now 😢

10. [+11] Maybe just release it but blur his face out???

11. [+14] Please just release everything... So many others poured their blood and sweat into these works... we can't let them suffer due to the actions of one person...

12. [+10] Yoo Ah In knew all of this was at risk of happening and he still chose to do what he did. He needs to put his entire estate up as collateral and compensate everyone.

13. [+11] The consumers should be allowed to make their own choice. If people are so bothered by Yoo Ah In that they don't want to watch it, then they don't have to. But release it and let people choose. (And of course delete him from the posters). 

14. [+1] Just release everything and any profits made from its success can be put towards compensating anyone for their losses... perhaps that's the best way to mitigate so much loss ㅜㅜ

15. [+18] I suppose casting managers need to put mandatory drug tests in casting contracts from now on...


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