[Today] Yang Hyun Suk reveals Baby Monster's line-up is not final

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Article: YG's rookie group 'Baby Monster' will not be 7 members... Yang Hyun Suk reveals, "There will be an elimination"

Source: Insight via Instagram

1. [+419] Just keep it as 7

2. [+213] What the, Yang is back to working? Comments made it sound as if they'd kill him if he came back

3. [+186] Yang Hyun Suk is actually back to working and promoting on scene like this? Wow~~~

4. [+105] How about you worry about going to jail

5. [+125] And why is Yang giving... an interview...?

6. [+147] Pffft, we all know he's going to add that member back in the end

7. [+57] He's still active?

8. [+37] He eliminated from Treasure, too, until bringing them back in the end. He's lying once again.

9. [+23] Yang Hyun Suk is actually back on TV again???

10. [+11] Didn't he retire? How much money did he feed his lawyers that he's actually able to crawl back out like this...

11. [+12] And why isn't he in jail?

12. [+17] Yang Hyun Suk, please just keep your mouth shut!!!

13. [+12] The team name is so...


Source: Wikitree via Instagram

1. [+130] Yang Hyun Suk's on TV again?

2. [+107] He's already crawling back out and judging idols again. Who's he picking this time? An idol who he thinks can become a good druggie?

3. [+71] I think news of his return to TV will be a bigger mess for him than any news of an elimination in the group..

4. [+19] Please start to train these K-Pop groups in positive ways. If you like competition so much, you go do it yourself. Why would you gather together such an impressive group of young kids and torture them like this?

5. [+17] He needs to leave the industry

6. [+10] He's being annoying until the very end. I feel bad for the kids; he's putting them under so much stress. 


Source: Idol Issue via Instagram

1. [+65] Didn't Yang Hyun Suk let go of his CEO seat???

2. [+59] He's really blatantly showing his face like this!! Get your face off my screen!!

3. [+59] I read somewhere that he said Treasure would debut as 5 but ended up debuting them as 13

4. [+51] I feel that YG's most successful with less members, though...

5. [+40] Hul, it'd be so sad if you got eliminated after making it this far

6. [+37] That's too cruel... Imagine getting your name known as a debut member only to be eliminated

7. [+34] He always says this but debuts them all in the end

8. [+27] Why does Yang Hyun Suk keep showing his face?

9. [+25] This is how YG's always done their auditions. It's also how many stars have been made. It's through this process that the group is further perfected before being presented to the public. 

10. [+19] Yang Hyun Suk never stands by his words because he's a coward. He's going to end up debuting all seven.

11. [+17] He's trying to bait attention,  just debut them already

12. [+8] That's so cruel, no? 


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