[Today] Yoo Ah In also tests positive for cocaine and ketamine

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Article: Yoo Ah In tests positive for cocaine and ketamine... total of 'four' drugs 

Source: Everyday Economy via Naver

1. [+895, -8] He's really just hit rock bottom~~~ he was a total druggie all along

2. [+247, -4] You know, I'm actually glad he got caught.. He's been looking more and more gaunt, and his breathing never sounded normal. Pay the price and get some treatment... What you have done may be detestable but I don't think I'd want to hear any more bad news from you... Get treatment and live quietly.

3. [+220, -12] He was a favorite actor of mine ㅠㅠ how unfortunate that this has happened..

4. [+112, -5] So his druggie acting wasn't an act all along zz

5. [+108, -4] I wonder when this all began??? I remember watching interviews where his eyes looked out of it, his voice shaking and unstable... I just figured he was a really shy and introverted personality. Or maybe that he perhaps suffers from stage fright and lack of self esteem due to his upbringing?... But to find out that it's all because of drugs.. how unfortunate. I know that life as a public figure can't be easy but I hope he recovers and gets back to a normal life. As payment for the great acting you've shown all your career, I support you in recovering the rest of your life.

6. [+79, -0] I'm sure we've all thought about it at least once while watching his behavior..

7. [+63, -1] Hul~ as if the number of times he took propofol wasn't shocking already, he's tested positive for a total of four? Has he truly left himself to ruins? I'm amazed he was even able to act while under all those drugs, tsk tsk. I've noticed that Ah In's fans are treating these drugs like they're no big deal and hating on the people for criticizing him for it.. his fans don't seem normal either. You should not be taking the side of a druggie, tsk tsk.

8. [+62, -1] This is the quietest he's ever been since his debut

9. [+43, -0] I'm a fan who used to leave him comments back when he wasn't so popular... I tried to be understanding when the initial news of the propofol broke out, figuring that he must suffer from intense insomnia... but cocaine crosses the line ㅠㅠ He struggled so much to get up here and it's so sad to see it all hit rock bottom like this.

10. [+30, -1] It's clear that he's highly addicted.  I'm surprised he was able live life at all. How was he out there filming movies and shooting CFs? What a mystery.

11. [+26, -0] Sounds like there hasn't been a moment where he was sober in recent times. Totally addicted. What a shame, because his acting has always been great.

12. [+27, -3] Probably one of the more memorable celebrity drug scandals after Park Yoochun. Four different drugs... he was taking them like morning vitamins, tsk tsk. One small mistake has led to creating a monster like this... so young, too. Tsk tsk.


Article: Brands and movies/dramas rush to cut ties with Yoo Ah In

Source: Wikitree via Instagram

1. [+85] And there goes.. another drama.. I feel bad for his co-stars, what a blow

2. [+27] His life has become like his own movie line "How ridiculous" 😂

3. [+41] He's impacting so many with this scandal

4. [+20] It's obvious what happens next. People will forgive him and he'll be back on 'I Live Alone' to fix up his image.

5. [+15] Aigoo, the poor co-stars and staff on his movie projects, what a bad situation

6. [+3] Imagine how arrogant his view of the world has been all along

7. [+1] After all that talk about how he hates negatively affecting others 😢..

8. [+12] All the poor families who have been relying on income from his movie projects, this is so selfish of him

9. [+3] These projects need to request financial compensation from him..

10. [+6] What about 'Hellbound 2', dammit!!!!!!!!


Source: Insight via Instagram

1. [+645] Ah In-ah, getting caught might just be what saved your life... Though he seems really addicted at this point

2. [+271] I think a close friend reported him because they were truly scared that he might die. If he doesn't get treatment now, it really might be over for him. 

3. [+264] He has several movies that are awaiting releases... I feel so bad for the co-stars and staff who worked on them 😢

4. [+80] His acting's always been so good, why did he have to do this.. sigh.. 

5. [+216] Even doing one of these drugs causes immense side effects, I can't imagine all four at once.. that's daebak, how did his body hang on at all

6. [+117] He's not picky about his drugs, is he

7. [+54] So unfortunate knowing that he's still a young and talented man... Did he have no where else to turn to for help? Life is long so... get the help you need and come back to the right path. 

8. [+55] There are so many delicious foods all around the world that you can turn to instead of drugs ㅠ

9. [+87] Even one instance of drug use can drop your life into hell. Please do not ever do it, do not ever take an interest in it.

10. [+11] Seems like the media is just sending his career to the grave.... I hate drugs but I've always enjoyed Yoo Ah In as an actor, it's a shame that this has happened. I hope he pays the price of his crimes and gets treatment...


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