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Some Short Motivational And Inspirational Stories

Some Short Motivational And Inspirational Stories

We heard many stories in our day to day life some are fiction and some contain reality. But, every story gives us a unique message and tips that help us to overcome our difficulties and make it better. Today, I also present the same short motivational stories that you will like so much.

1. Greed Is Bad For Anybody

Some Short Motivational And Inspirational Stories

There was a landlord in one of the villages, who loved money and wanted to become the largest landowner in his state, so he tried to buy more and more people land and bought all the farmers land in his village, but he wanted to buy more land. One day one of his friends came and told him that there is a lot of land in the neighbouring village and the people of that village are also very good. Hearing this, the landlord decided to leave. The next day he left for when they reached there, people of that village put a condition in front of him. On the next day after the sun has come out, you should come here and start measuring all the land here, but the condition is that after every half miles you have to dig a pit two feet deep and such. All the pits have to be dug in the same line and run away, and before the sun sets in the evening you have to reach from where you started, if you have done this, then the amount of land you will measure is of yours, and if you fail to reach on your starting point then no land will be given to you. The landlord started working without thinking anything, he started measuring land and was burning with full vigour for ten miles. Later, he started feeling tired, but he wanted only the land without drinking and eating he only focus on his target and before the sunset, he measured forty miles and then he saw the sun that was going down.
He was started running back, as the sun was running down, he soaked in sweat and feeling so tired, his all hands and legs were doing pain and shiver but he continues his running, he came close to his destination. People cheer and encourage him there. But after reaching the starting point, he fell down. People were started laughing and saw towards him. His friend came and try to wake him up but, he died. 

Moral: Greed always harms you

2. Success Is Only Hiding In Your Attempts

Some Short Motivational And Inspirational Stories

There was a king in one of the kingdoms who tried to find out a suitable commander for his army. He announced this news in his whole kingdom and gave some time to the youths to report next week in a palace for the same. In last, 5 young people came for becoming commander, the king gave one wooden bucket each in the hand of all 5 youths having some space between its two wooden planks and announced a task to fill a 500 litres drum by using the same bucket by putting and fetching it from nearby well.
All 5 men were starting to do a task but due to space between every consecutive wooden planks water gets dropped down in the well again and again, and only little amount of water they got which also dropped down in between the well and the drum. One from five went and sit in the corner after some tries and started saying with others that it is impossible to do. After some time three of them also started thinking that he was saying right and they also went and sitting in the corner. But, one man was trying again and again and after some time the wooden planks of his bucket due to water started bloating and filled that gap between the planks, and he successfully filled the drum.

Moral: Results are always you get, when you try another time, if you have belief so surely you will get what you need.

3. Your Past Moments Will Not Chase You Always

Some Short Motivational And Inspirational Stories

There were two traders, who were going to one city to another in case of trading, as there was a desert between their journey, they prefer to take four camels with them for loading and travelling. They passed half of the distance in the desert then, they saw that the sun was going to set and they stop their journey until morning. They set up their tents and then take some ropes and wedges to tie camels with it, one of the friends tie three camels successfully, but for the last one, there was no rope to tie him.
The second friend who stands aside told him to make a camel realize that camel was tied from a rope. Then, he started to do the sound of hammering a wedge near camel and by touching camel's neck he started to do acting that he tied a knot in his neck. And then he moved into his tent.
Next morning when both of them wake up, they were started to open the knots from the camel's neck and going forward but, the fourth camel was sat there. He told to his friend, "Why this camel is not moving". Then, his friend told him to do the same pseudo-process that he would do last night and make realize to the camel that he was not tied from a rope, then he did the same and camel stood on their legs and start moving.
He has not understood anything that, "what is happening there".
Then, his friend tells him, whenever he goes with his camel he always tied him with the rope, and his camel always realizes this by his hands on his neck and sits on its own.
When his friend also does the same with the camel then, he thought that he was tied from an invisible rope and not tried to go anywhere until he would not realize that he is free from any rope.

Moral: Past moments do not remain with you always, focus on your present and understand your new abilities and opportunities which you get.

4. Problems Are Not Big, It Is You Who Make It Big

There was a talented man who was able to open any type of lock, whether it is the lock of prison, jewellery box, and of any other. He was so famous in his town due to his unique talent and many magicians offer him to do the magic of unlocking doors in minimum time, but he refused. One day the mayor of the town called him to see his talent of unlocking any type of lock, he was too excited and only thinks about he would have to open the lock in any condition in order to continue his fame. And he accepted the challenge.
The task of unlocking given to him, in which he will be placed in a locked cage and slowly-slowly they will be placed his cage underwater and on the ringing bell, he will have to start unlocking the cage and have to come out of the pool. In case of emergency, there will be a bell is given in the cage by pressing it he would accept his defeat and they will fetch the cage out of the pool.
Then, they started the task and placed its cage into the pool which was full of water and on the ringing bell, he started to unlock the door by using a wire which he placed into his pocket, he tried the first time and then again tried but after many continuous tries he was not able to unlock it, he could not take a breath underwater and by placing the lock in his hand he tried every time, but not able to unlock it and press the emergency ring. He was feeling so ashame and get his head down but, when he saw towards the lock it was unlocked. When he was placed into the pool the cage was not locked, but due to his name and fame, in order to save his respect, he not thought about the possibility of unlocking the cage and accepts he lose, while he was sat in the unlocked cage. But, in anxiety, he forgot about all possibilities

Moral: Many times the same things happen to us, we try to do even the smallest thing with difficulty and our attention is not paid to easy things. It is not important that you are always worried because of problems, it can also be your trend that you are seeing problems everywhere.

Which story do you like the most? mentioned in a comment.

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