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Stage Fright: How to overcome from stage fright / Reasons Of Stage Fright / What Is Stage Fright #stagefright #stagefear

What Is Stage Fright

Felling of stress, anxiety and afraid to perform in front of a crowd on a stage, due to various over thoughts or reasons called as a stage fright or stage fear.

Stage fright. This is common to all. And many people ask about it, is we having a stage fright? For those who can't speak anywhere on the stage. Or some who speak and sensed truly that yes, they have a stage fright, so they start asking about ways that help them to cure this problem. People who think that they have alone in this world who have stage fright. So, sorry you are wrong. Many people have this problem but, some try to get rid of, some start work upon it. And some make yourself capable to not take a fear from stage.
As I start pointing out the ways to cure this first we discuss reasons on it. Why you have this stage fright?

Reasons Of Having Stage Fright

  • Not feel suitable to speak in any other language, except your mother tongue.
  • If you do any mistake they laugh at you.
  • Your mind constantly thinking that sitting persons are more intelligent than you.
  • Not have a proper fluency or vocabulary on a language in which you speak.
  • Your constantly thoughts, How you stand in front of people. Whether your body posture is right or not.
  • You give lecture on a stage and afraid of any type of cross-questioning on your topic. In thinking whether you know the answer or not.
  • From where you start and how you introduce yourself on a stage.
  • During speaking if you forgot or struck between how you have to continue further.
  • What you speaking is effective or not. These thoughts come into your mind. As by seeing the face of people.
  • When you stand in front of people, you forgot all what you have to say and starting feeling anxiety.
These are some reasons may be one or more that play a role in increasing your stage fright. Let discuss the common points that you have to need catch from reasons and daily routine that, why these problems generate?

    Catch The Unique Points Of Your Life

    • You don't need to feel so much anxiety to give any debate or a speech in front of your parents, siblings and those about whom you knows very well. Or you indulge with them in talking mostly.
    • If you stand before a person about whom you know that this person don't know anything. So this, boost your confidence to a level. That yes, your mistake covered, if you spoke any wrong thing in your speech.
    • You feel more comfortable to speak in your mother tongue or in that language on which your fluency and vocabulary is good(mostly first time speak).
    • You feel more comfortable to speak before knowing people than an unknown one.
    These points make easy to understand you, that where real problem generate. What things you have to change? Analyse both above headings carefully and their points, you understand what's the problem.
    Then, now we discuss the points, what you have to do really from overcoming that problems.

    What To Do 

    • Develop self confidence first and make your posture better or do practice of speaking by standing in front of mirror. 
    • Take part in debates if you a college or a school students. Or if not so make a group of friends more than 7-8, and start discuss the topics with them. You take such recent topics, on any topic that increases your knowledge and also enhances your speaking skills.
    • For generate fluency or vocabulary on any language you apply the same idea as by talking between your friends and home mates in that language.
    • Some used to learn confidence or fluency in english they talk on call centres and shopping websites, etc.
    • On stage, if you afraid by forgetness of matter that you speak. So , this a general idea that mainly use by all speakers, form notes of your matter in points like in note making and read detailed information about that individual points. So, at the time of speaking you can't forget any point and explain easily that one in your own language.
    • If you speak on a stage so, prefer that language in which you feel comfortable.
    • When you speak in front of a crowd, to decrease your anxiety imagine that they don't know anything. Whatever you say is 100% correct.
    • Before speaking on a stage you also do practise in your home by placing many dolls in a big room as a guest and try to boost your confidence.
    • Always try to maintain eye contact from listeners.
    • Increases your social adaptability, which is so much require to speak on a stage in front of crowd. When you start understanding people then, it make easy for you, that how you have to impress them.
    • Most important, not do simple lectures that you speak,speak..... end. Thank You. Not do this, try to crack some jokes between your lectures, create suspenses, according to your topic that entertain the crowd. And you get so much applause between your lectures, that increases your confidence time to time.
    Do this, and apply. I want to share one thing with you. Stage fright is a common thing and mainly this problem is with many people. Or this problem increases with time, because now children want to play games on mobile phones rather than to play outdoor games. This decreases there social adaptability, and face problems to even talk with anyone. Many times you see, we sit between a crowd but most of the time we check our mobiles. And saying we can't have any topic to discuss or we don't know how to talk with anyone.
    According to a newly research that happened in one of the medical college in Canada proves that more use of mobile phones increase the rate of depression in children as well as in adults.
    So, be motivated, be happy and try to reduce your stage fright, by using points write above.
    Or if you have more suggestions so please discuss with us by using comment box.

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