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The Efficient Ways To Overcome Procrastination.| How To Overcome From Procrastination.

The 11 Efficient Ways To Overcome Procrastination

The Efficient Ways To Overcome Procrastination.

This is such a common problem for all, and many of us asking regularly from our near and dear ones or from ourselves that how we overcome from procrastination? Some of us also think that laziness and procrastination is the same thing, this is the biggest myth that we carrying with us. If you have a fever and take a pill of sneezing than what happens, Is it work on your fever? No, because you take the wrong pill. How it cure? by taking the right pill at the right time. So, we have to do the same with our habits also. Bad habits make our bad, and good habits make us good. The difference between laziness and procrastination we discuss at the end of the article.
We discuss first, the reasons for procrastination and I am sure that the reasons are different for different persons. So, I do not give any reason there to you. Do introspect and try to find out your own reasons, its make you mentally strong and also give you the power to understand yourself well because most of you observe others most of the time but never observes yourself a minute. Reasons are different for procrastination as if I tell you any 6-7 reasons and after reading that reasons you say no, as may be your reason be a different one from those 7 reasons. And I am sure if you find out the reasons so, you also work upon it in a better way. Try to catch the important points of your life and work upon it, this gives a better result to you.
Let's discuss some points that help you to overcome procrastination and  if you have more points so, please share with us:

1. Take Out Your Calendar

Your calendar helps you in a lot of ways. Take out of it, mark your days and plan your work according to it. Count your days on the calendar, sign it which was your starting point and what was your last day to complete your work. Keep maintaining your accuracy day by day, without taking many loads on one day you do your work slowly and slowly by dividing them into a small piece work, in the night when you sleep, start tracking your work that how much per cent you are away from your final target. In this, you also take the help of another person, which daily remind you of your goals.
The calendar helps you in many ways, you always keep yourself update that what is the day, date and how much days are remaining for you to reach on your destination, what amount of holidays you have in which you put extra efforts in your work, and how much days in your routine which are so busy that you can't spend a minute, that you have to utilize without wasting a  time.

2. Do Your Work First Which Is More Important And Make You Feel As A Boredom

As I explain you, in your daily routine there are many works you have to do regularly, create a list of all and find out the work which is more important in all other works and that work if you shift to a last-minute it creates such a various serious problem for you. That important work you do first when you wake up, your mind is fresh totally, use it to do your work which feels your boredom and also an important one for you. After reading this you say I am trying to make your mood worst but not, you do it by listening to motivational music or fast music which helps you to do it in a very exciting manner. Never try to do it continuously, take small breaks, in which you entertain yourself or you complete that pending works which make you feel pleasant.
It helps you to complete your work in pieces and surely you get it before time.

3.Break Your Goals Into Short-Term Goals

This is true that long term goals never be achieved successfully or if you achieve it, so it takes so much of your hard work. As long term goals are containing so much of time(sometimes years) naturally that mainly blurs your perception and you can't calculate time according to the working requirements, and it causes failure.
So, break it into short term like that of a day, week, or a time of 15 days maximum. It makes your vision clear, and you do work regularly on your main target and when you join your all short term goals it makes you're a goal of a long term like when we arrange so many atoms, it creates molecules, and molecules create matter after all.
In conclusion, you break your work into pieces by giving sufficient time to all piece of work.

4.Break Your Comfort Zone

I think this is the main problem with lots of people they never try to break their comfort zone. As somebody creates a target that he will do work for only 10 hours a day then, finish. If as someday he gets more work he tries to do it fast as he fixes his 10 hours, and in a hurry, he makes his work worst and then blames others.
So, in short, sometimes break your comfort zone if any day you get more, so simply you also do more that day, not so limited. If your destination or your goal requires more of your effort so, surely you have to do more. If humans tried to live limited then, how science was got advanced. Then, break it.

5. Avoid Distractions

Distraction is one of the biggest reason for procrastination. You try to do your work but due to many reasons like you feel boredom in that work or you are not interested to do that, and then you share that amount of time with another work. Social media, various links and ads on various sites or on the internet also take time uselessly. You wasted your most of the time with surfing on the internet, watching videos on YouTube, watching more television, and in the end these all reasons collectively crawl you to a situation where you do your work at the last minute. So, avoid distractions of all these things that consume your most of the time without any reason.

6. Forgive Your Past

Some of you have had good past and some of not, so don't bother about that ultimately you can't change your past and your future depends upon your present. If you don't secure your present, it directly affects your future also. Remembering worst things of your past that give you many sad experiences are only consumed your time, your story only reads by people when you get successful, if not so no one interested to read or listen to your story. This is one of the bitter truth on this earth. 
But, my thoughts are different in this phase, as Swami Vivekanand said,
"If you win, you can lead and if you lose, you can guide."
So, forgive your bitter past and take steps forward in your life.

7. Be Passionate About Your Goals

Goals are achievable if you are passionate towards them. All successful people have one common thing that they have a madness towards their profession. If you have a madness towards your goals, so yes, you reach on your destination one day. Continuous working, without any tiredness, is the biggest reasons for all of the successful sports players. Other players also do hard work but, why people know only a few names because they are so mad towards their goals that no one able to do hard work equal to them.
You also have to do the same with your profession and your goals, when the whole world thinks that you are crazy, understand that you are on a right path where really you achieve your aim one day.

8.Set Up An Alarm In Your Phone

This is one of the techniques that help you to follow your daily routine and also helps you to give the fixed distribution of time to all your activities. You make a timetable, that how much works you will do the next day, in which some works are your favourite, and some which you are not like to do. So, generally what happens, in your interesting things you give more time than your important works.
The alarm of your phone helps you to come out from this problem, you set an alarm according to the time needed by each work and follow the same. It helps you to finish your all works on time, without any regret and nothing you left for the last-minute.

9. Don't Frustrate

More amount of work leads to frustration. And one small frustration takes our 2-3 playful days. If you have more work to do it in a pieces and between every 1-2 hours, you arrange some small 10 minutes break, which gives relief to your mind.
And another the biggest reason for frustration is not taking sufficient sleep, the sleep of 7 hours is just so, not do compromise with your 7 hours sleep. Our mind also wants to rest.
To avoid frustration you also take help of exercises for half an hour, do yoga, and also do meditation for 15-20 minutes daily. It helps you to make yourself mentally strong, and physical also.

10. Wait For A Right Time

Some people are also like that make various reasons for preventing themselves from working. They always wait for the right time, and in this waiting, they waste most of the precious time. So, don't do wait, time never comes right for you. It's you that makes your time right. So, start from the beginning without wasting any minute, your time comes right automatically.
These all are useless talks, don't make excuses, excuses only helps you to delay your work until last minute, they never help you in completion of your work. So, all the time is right, only you have to start.

11.Afraid From Failures

Failure is also the main problem is procrastination. People are afraid to do things as if he/she fails then what happens, and ultimately they try to delaying their work, which has no sense in order to do their work.
Failure or Success comes after, first, you have to do your work. And then your work decides either you fail or pass. So, don't be afraid of failures, if you do your work by heart so, surely you succeed.

So, guys, this is a time to discuss a question which we left above that;

 What Is The Difference Between Laziness And Procrastination?

In two lines I explain You; in laziness, you don't do any work or you hate to do any type of work, but in procrastination, you do your work in which you are more interested than any other work.
Let's explain; A student, who got homework and he also plays football for 2 hours daily, and obviously, he likes more to play football than of doing homework. Then, what he does that day he plays football for 4 hours and not done his homework. This is his procrastination that he left his homework for a last-minute.
But, when he will not do any work neither play football nor do homework. So, this shows his laziness, that he is only interested in eating food and sleep.
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