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Vision Plays An Important Role In Achieving Success. How You Overcome Your Fear By Changing Your Vision?

Vision Plays An Important Role In Achieving Success. How You Overcome Your Fear By Changing Your Vision?

Vision Plays An Important Role In Achieving Success. How You Overcome Your Fear By Changing Your Vision?

We live in a world where different people of different regions of having different religions think differently. 
is this true? If I give the task to think for a common problem surely, the solutions of different people are different as well except some cases of coincidence, because they think according to their work, field and their experience; what they all achieved from their life that makes their problem-solving ability different. And the main thing which makes their views different is vision.
Your vision to see anything makes you a different one and if I talk about your ability to achieve your goals, it also so much based on your vision. A man with a positive attitude will try to find positive things any of the problems where on other hand, a man with a negative attitude will find negative things in any of the happening events whether it is positive or negative.
I know one of my school friends, there was a time when he was celebrating his 17th birthday and I wished him for the same.
Then he asked me, "why we all celebrate our birthday?"
I asked him, "why you are asking this silly question?
Are you not happy as you completed 17 years of your life and starting a new one where you get so many new things to learn, achieve more than your past years."
Then he told me but, I am a little bit confused whether we celebrate our birthday because we get a new one year to live or we not to celebrate as one year again reduce from our lifespan.
I asked him, "you know your life span."
He told, "My grandmother informed me that according to shastra(holy book) God fixed our life on earth before our birth on it."
Really I was totally speechless and started laughing in my heart and couldn't understand what I told him.
On the wonderful day of his life, he was thinking such a worst negative things.
But, I think this is not his mistake, he was thinking according to his own vision and if my vision did not match from his vision so, surely I laugh.
This incident I explain to you, so you can understand the power of vision.
A positive vision helps you a lot in achieving the heights of success, if you are not interested in your own success so, be trustworthy no one will be interested in your dreams too. In achieving your goals only you! and always only you have to do hard work rather than no one will serve it to you.

Are You Facing Problem In Achieving Your Own Goals?

Vision Plays An Important Role In Achieving Success. How You Overcome Your Fear By Changing Your Vision?

If your answer is yes!. So, also ask from yourself another one that you really do hard work for your goal. You surely knew it from your inside. External motivation is of only one use, that to initiate the fire of internal motivation in you. If you are not motivated from your side to accomplish your goals so, you can't achieve it.
Actually, try to understand it, 
What do you want to learn? 
In which you have an interest.
For what you burn your midnight oils?
Which you want to achieve.
If both things are not in your favour so, surely you will choose the wrong direction because the work which requires inspiration to be done you don't have to do that work.
Motivation comes from inside, you don't need to inspire from anybody for that.
If there is a fire inside you so sure, you will achieve your target or if you require motivation every day externally for doing your work so surely you will exhaust before your destination.

Change Your Vision

Vision Plays An Important Role In Achieving Success. How You Overcome Your Fear By Changing Your Vision?

If you fixed your goal so never try to change it. And if it is hard to achieve for you so never try to divert yourself and your goal.
Your one distraction responsible for you to lose so much.
Only you have to change there is your vision, your surrounding conditions, your self-confidence and your power of achievements.
Prove yourself daily, some people don't get complete their goals because they have said to themselves inside that they were defeated, where they are trying to crack the same goal. The height of the problems mountain for them is so more than their own courage, so this is the vision of them. 
If you also speak the same to yourself by seeing your dreams, that it is hard to achieve so, surely you can't achieve. Because it kills your confidence daily in small pieces and ultimately ends it.
One thing remembers, if something was impossible to achieve then, it would not be present in the world, and if it is present so, this proves that nothing is impossible. Yes, you can say difficult but, impossible you can't.
If you are determined towards your goal, and so much motivated. No one will stop you to achieve it.

What Stops You?

If you are facing so much difficulty in gaining success. So, ask from yourself that what is a thing which works to stop you from gaining success? Who stops you?
And if I say it's you then, you believe me? But, this is true only you are there which stops yourself from achieving anything. Take more risks to earn more profit, break down your fears. You are not achieving your goals because you have a fear to take more steps. Everyone is having fear but, who win upon his own fear that will win every race of his life. 
“Instead of afraid from the fear of conditions, show them that your courage is greater than your fears.”
Always try to make yourself better than before, try to upgrade yourself instead of doing comparisons of yourself with others.
Comparison with others gives you stress, wherein making a better version of yourself motivates you to achieve more.

Never understand yourself weak, you are having a power to change the world only you have to develop courage and a never-ending belief in yourself.

Thank You!

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