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17 Best Proven Strategies And Tips To Reduce Stress And Score High In The Exams | CBSE Board Exams| ICSE Board Exams| Score High And Achieve High

17 Best Proven Strategies And Tips To Reduce Stress And Score High In The Exams | CBSE Board Exams| ICSE Board Exams| Score High And Achieve High

17 Best Proven Strategies And Tips To Reduce Stress And Score High In The Exams | CBSE Board Exams| ICSE Board Exams| Score High And Achieve High

Exam time comes and students started taking the stress and feel pressurize to score high in the exams. Even it increases so much when there board exams going on. Actually, it is a natural process but, sometimes more stress also decreases your performances. Today, I share some strategies and tips that help you to relief from this unwanted stress and consume your time in studies smartly.
Let's start:

1. Prepare A Chart

Two months ago, before final exams that you read whole year, prepare a chart of it, and find out the subjects, topics and lessons in which you don't feel sureness that you know about it thoroughly or the topics that you skip by mistake. Give 15 days to it, read and learn those new topics about which you don't read or do mistakes in it or feel some problem. Try to make yourself best in it and don't forget the time only 15 days you have. In last if you then again skip any topic after this time limit then, leave that topic for further and try to set it in any free time of your remaining 46 days schedule.

2. Revise And Practice

Again you set your time table and give equal time to all the subjects according to your requirement. I say "according to your requirement" because different students have a problem in different subjects so, try to make your time table according to your preparation.
In this time whatever you read in your whole year in parts try to unite it, and only revision and practice helps you to unite your whole syllabus.

3. Never Try To Do Continuous Studies

Many students did this mistake, sit and try to do continuous studies for 5-6 hours and sorry to say but this is useless what I feel in my school life, all mixed up after some time.
But, yes 2-3 hours is OK. Take some small breaks of 30 minutes between your studies. Give relax to your mind, by seeing some comedy videos or by playing games. Eat something favourite which you like.

4. Increases Accuracy

Accuracy is the most important part of the exams, without accuracy, you will difficulty to solve paper on time. And the best method to increase it to solve maximum sample papers as you can before your exams try to solve daily maximum 2-3 papers.
It increases your accuracy and also increases your reflexive time and makes you perfect, writes and solve daily sample papers. But this you have to do after your whole revision. It also helps you to identify your weak points that on which you have to work more or which topic creates a hindrance for you.
It also helps you to understand the following pattern of your exams papers when you solve previous papers as a sample.

5. Make Your Own Paper In The Form Of Quiz

When you revise the chapters, the next day it is important to test your skill of remembering things. Therefore arrange some one-word quiz for yourself own and prepare questions of it, a day ago when you read or revise that matter and check it in a form of quiz another day.
It gives you a vision about your preparation and also highlight topics which you forget or you are weak in it.

6. Do Exercises daily in the morning

Exercises are very useful in reducing stress, develop your physique, fitness, etc. In exercises, you do various types of yogic asanas, push-ups, crunches, plank, Russian twist and many more.. which helps you to provide a great focus on your studies, calm your mind and exclude negative thoughts.

7. Avoid distractions 

At the time of exams, I think parents use their hawk eyes on their children to avoid mobile phones and social media. But, children also have to be shown some loyalty towards their studies, loyal students never cheat yourself.
And a student easily avoids distractions by using their firm determination to give their most of the time for studies.

8. Positive Self Talk

Always do positive self-talk, in case of any negative thoughts when it comes into your mind. Self-talk reduces your stress at an extreme level and helps you to cope up with it.

9. Find A Room In Your Home

Studies you can't do in a noise. Try to find out a room in your home where you do your studies without the entrance of anyone or any type of noise for continuously so many hours, it increases your focus, and always remember one thing you don't have to put anything in that room except your books and a glass of water.
Never try to put mobile phones or laptops in a room that attracts you to use it or you surf online for hours.

10. Fix your calendar and clock

Always pay attention towards every single day and every single minute and calculate your time and plan your whole journey of preparation according to it. Only for some days, you have to change your schedule and only concentrate your most of the time on your studies.

11. Understand The Pattern

This is the most important to understand the pattern of your question paper for each and every subject that which topic contains how much marks, and questions related to which topic ask frequently in consecutive years and do your preparation according to it by reminding a full pattern into your mind.
It makes so easy for you to prepare easily. But never try to see that paper pattern as for your upcoming paper because you don't sure about it, learn whole things, never try to skip any topic only by seeing a pattern of your paper.

12. Before Exam Not Try To Read Any New Topic In Detail

Many students try to do this thing, that I forget to read this topic and before 2-3 hours of starting the exam, sit outside the examination centre with books and copies in the hands and started to learn new things generally students of high school.
If you learn any define or formula, so no problem but at last time it is beneficial for you to only revise the whole syllabus into your mind. Learning new topic increases your stress level.

13. Change Your Thoughts

Thought changing reduces your depression to an extreme level. Negative thoughts like "I skipped two topics", "Paper difficulty level is so high for me", increases stress, try to build confidence on yourself, whatever you read is enough and surely you score better in it.

14. Keep Away Yourself From Negative Students

At the examination centre, this happens so frequently with many students. In a crowd, you easily find out a student who comes with whole data who set the papers today? What is the difficulty level of the paper? and I am sure that negative student did not learn anything and only come there to increases the stress level of other students. So, try to keep away from that type of students.

15. Solve Paper In A Proper Manner

When children first time went to give the exams of CBSE boards and ICSE boards, they quite confusing about how to solve a paper.
Always solve that question first, the answer to which you know perfectly. Put a question number and started answering it, but never try to create any hindrance for a teacher to check your copy by writing useless comments that he finds your answer number 20 on page number 10, and making a silly type of arrows, stop these type of things.
Only you put section number, question number and write your answers, that also useful for a teacher to judge out your answers easily.

16. Make Your Own Strategy

As you get date sheet so many months before, plan your studies according to it, as how many days gap you get in which exam and in which subject you don't get any type of days gap, so prepare that type of subject before starting exams and prepare it full and final that when your exam comes you revise whole in only 2-3 hours and ready to give it.

17. Never Listen to The Useless Talks Of People

Generally in India, I know how many students feel pressurize of their parents, teachers, acquaintances to score high in exams in high schools and in senior grades.
Always remind one thing your marks never decide your future. It is your skills, your talent, your continuity, your firm determination, your dreams, your goals, your hard work decides your future. So, never feel disheartened if you get fewer marks in any subject.
Life is so long, a small paper never decides your future, it is only you that give shape to your future and write your own immortal story.

If you like it, or you want to ask any question related to CBSE board, India so contacts me or comment on it.

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