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How To Overcome From The Stress Of Corona Pandemic? There Are Some Tips.

How To Overcome From The Stress Of Corona Pandemic?
There Are Some Tips.

No one knows, the year 2020 comes with happiness or sadness because of only COVID-19 pandemic. Schools and educational institutions are getting closed, many people lose their job, people are getting locked in their homes and finally, no one knows what to do next. Many people are suffering from anxiety and stress due to only this pandemic, people are facing many problems like financial problems, emotional instability, relationships, jobs, students are getting worried about their future and almost it makes us so dependent on the online world.
It makes our future so uncertain that no one knows what happens the next day? And all the countries are fighting for their economies. Many people business are getting changed in this pandemic due to less availability of jobs, and people are finding ways to cope with it. 
I can't say anything as this pandemic is good or bad because in this pandemic tech companies and online platforms get so instant boost due to this shutdown and on the other hand tourism sector and automobiles sector are facing so much of loss after decades.
But, eventually, it takes our freedom away. We are getting closed in their homes and only move from one room to another in the home itself. About half of the year had gone and our medical science is unable to break this virus chain. It increases the people stress and anxiety level to the top.
So, let's discuss the same.

1. Minimise Your Exposure Towards The News Of Corona Pandemic

This is also one of the reason for you that you read about so many news of this pandemic and that makes you stressful. Be make yourself limited, try to read about the news related to this pandemic minimum and not makes yourself worried about it. If you see the news about this more it tries to collect in your mind and makes you panic. Be happy and not worried about it more.

2. Students Have To Pay Attention

As due to this pandemic many entrance exams got postponed, that makes students so worried about their future. As you don't have to worry more because you are not alone, many students are also present with you, the exam will happen, this is a sure case and you also get a good college for continuing your studies. Only you have to make yourself prepare about the exams that whenever exams happen, you can score well in that.
And this is for those students who are attending online classes and get frustrated from continuing classes for more than 3 hours. Be restful, after taking online classes do rest for some time and do exercises regularly so, it doesn't make any cervical problem, as to spend more time on the screen, it creates cervical pain. So, also do studies from the book itself some time. Don't be so dependent on the online world. As in scientific studies, this is proved that we are able to memorize the things read from books more time than the things we learn from the screen.
So, be relaxed and not try to think more about the future as it finds so uncertain nowadays too so many students.

3. Be Connected

As due to this corona pandemic, all people are following the rule of social distancing and so many people are getting closed in their homes and feel alone. As this is difficult to so many people to live alone, so be connected virtually with your friends, talking with each other that helps you to low your stress. 
Not be so worried about it, connecting with your friends helps you to end your loneliness and makes you feel happy.

4. Doing Exercises

Gyms are closed, and people are getting worried about their fitness. You can't do anything in this case as when gym's open only you do weight training workout there. 
But, it is not compulsory that to make yourself fit you always have to see towards the gym, many exercises you will do in their home itself, many asanas of Yoga there which you can perform like bhujangasana, halasana, padahastasana, vajrasana, trikonasana, garudasana, etc. which helps you to make yourself healthy. 
Various types of stretching exercises you also do in your home like plank, crunches, Russian twist, jumping jacks, cobra stretch, etc. 
As exercises are so much effective in relieving from stress so, you will have to perform them as well.

5. Expose Yourself

In this shutdown, you get a good chance to expose yourself, live your hobbies, as many people are having the hobbies and interests in making a painting, doing dancing, cooking, creating statues with paper mache, etc. 
Live them and express yourself, sharpen your personality and you get so much of sufficient time to learn new things in this shutdown as so many things are available online and easily you can get the things of your interests.

6. Take Sufficient Sleep

Less amount of sleep, make you frustrated and your whole day gets destroyed. Never compromise with your sleep, take its sufficient is for seven hours. Less sleep also makes you stressful and you can't do any of your work attentively.

7. Take A Balanced Diet

In stressful situations, generally, we do two things whether we eat less amount of food or we do overeating. And both of the situations are worst.
Be attentive towards your diet take complete balanced diet, as it is so useful for the well functioning of your body.
A recent research study proves, that in case of hunger, our ability to make decisions is also getting lower and in hunger, we try to see towards the comfort which we get in the shortest amount of time and never try to see towards the long term comfort or goals. 
Therefore, whenever you take any important decision, so always remind you never to take your important decisions with an empty belly.

8. Be Prepare Yourself Financially

How much time this pandemic takes to get the end, no one knows. As many people also losing their jobs due to this pandemic as many factories and companies get shutdown. So, be prepare yourself for any of the worst condition.
Most problems that people will get face is financial problems. So, spend your money with wisdom as you don't know what you get or what you lose in the upcoming time.


In the end, I only say that this pandemic proves that our medical science and technology are not so well prepared to fight with newly diseases. Even, the uneven distribution of money is also not good for anyone. 
This pandemic gives us a chance to think over some points from the beginning and work upon it so, in future, we can't suffer a lot as we suffer now.

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