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Schools Never Teach You, How To Become Rich And Successful.

 Schools Never Teach You, How To Become Rich And Successful.

Schools Never Teach You, How To Become Rich And Successful.

We are living in the world, where only around 1% people are rich and successful or you can say that the most of the money of whole globe is in the hands of only few people, where there is so many people present with a great qualifications but, after this they are working almost every day for a cheque, which make them unsatisfied in the end because, how much they get is lower, than they thought.

So, the main point is; how this difference come, where education(books) in every school is same. Even, if you see the list of Forbes(richest people), the top 30 people are those who didn't even complete their graduation. Is that mean what we learn in our school is useless? Or something hide behind this which we can't see, Or is it wrong to compare the education with richness and successful career?

But, if you see the whole scenario, ultimately you are working for a money so, you will retire earlier and get enough money to live the rest of your life easily or something more. But, this thing no one told you in your childhood, in childhood parents always told to their children that they have to study more, so they will live a better life in their future, and whatever they want to achieve is only happen, when they study with a full attention and focus. These all answers raised a big amount of questions, because nowadays children prefer to be a known singer, footballer, musician, etc. As they earn more than any service kind job. Or are our parents want to play a new game with old rules which existed at their time.

Teachers And Parents Opinion:

If you belong to a poor or a middle class family, and ever ask to your parents that how to become a rich? they didn't have any answer except go to school, learn the things and skills, work in a firm, you get good packages and teachers opinions are also somehow same.

Is it enough to become rich? I think most of the crowd is doing the same thing in their life, are they all billionaires? 

The biggest problem is that they also don't know how to become rich. I saw many of the families who resist to talk about money in front of their children and always say, we don't have enough money to complete our dreams. Is it happens because they never go to school?

No, this happens because they learn technical skills in their school, they learn facts in their school. But, they never showed interest in finance.

I see many students who have taken technical education or opt science subjects they never try to learn about the financial things, what they get in their paid cheque, they like or not. No matter they take it and try to work more hard for getting a promotion, and when their income raise, they also raise their expenditures by buying a big car, a big house for living, and so on.

And again started weeping that they don't have sufficient money. And those who learn about the finance in schools, they don't know how to apply this in a practical way because in schools finance you only learn the process that how the whole system works but, the strategies you need to apply in the real life is comes from your brain not, from the books. The scenarios are also somehow different as in real life you face problems which you never learnt in your whole syllabus.

And people are also don't want to learn it or like to live in their safe zone.

Crowd Followers:

This is what, the most number of people try to do. Mostly 90% of people try to follow the crowd, you must need to know that it is not true that crowd is always right. Some things you also have to do by shifting yourself from the crowd. 

Learn in which you are interested, most of the students manipulate their mind like my acquaintance come last week they give me the best advices, future is of mine, if I opt this course I get high salary in future, this course is evergreen. My friend is opting this course I also go in the same, if we will fall in a ditch then, we will do it together.

Nothing work like this my friend, the very first thing future is uncertain, Was anyone know that in 2020, COVID-19 come and we locked ourselves in our homes.

The main thing is to prevent yourself from this biggest trap that, what we planned things always work in the same manner. What we are thinking and what is happening in the real life are two different things. But, in these two things one thing you can change and one you can't.

Every people have their own planning for achieving success, but in this you can't neglect the real world. Anything you do but, real world always effect you. Second thing, is always save yourself with the differences present in real world, virtual world(Social Media) and our thinking.

Ideas And Your Thinking Learn To Apply Both Successfully:

As Albert Einstein said; "Imagination is more important than knowledge". He said this because every process is only start from our thinking. People who don't have any idea different from the crowd can't be make himself/herself unique.

If you want to run a firm then, surely three thing you need; you have your own unique ideas, you well know that how to make people work in a team, how to imply your ideas practically.

Bill Gates, Steve Jobs they even didn't complete their graduation. But, they have ideas and skills or if any person like them you find so, you prefer to give a job to him/her in your firm irrespective of his/her education. 

Keep Your Thinking Broad:

Many students who are doing graduation, most of them think about placements and packages, even they change their subjects by seeing the amount of placements. 

This shows that you like to become a worker more than an owner. I am not saying this that you will not do any job, do it but, for giving only financial push to your life. If you don't know the strategy to convert $2 into $2000 then, you never become rich, the same I convey in the form of financial education.

The name always sells, you have to decide that what you like quality or quantity.

Surround Yourself With Smart People:

It is not easy learn to learn all the things alone in minimum time, for this always try to surround yourself with the people, who are smarter than you. As listening is one of the easiest method to learn things in minimum time.

Many things are also left which I want to convey in this article but, I think its enough and you(people) are smarter and I think you easily get the real hidden meaning behind this article.

Thank You!

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