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Some Of The Best Ways To Lose Your Weight / How I Reduce My Weight Quickly / Healthy Weight, BMI, Male and Female body height and weight chart / Tips To Get Rid Of Your Body Fat

   The Effective Ways To Lose Weight

Some Of The Best Ways To Lose Your Weight

Many Of us asking regularly about the best tips/tricks that help us to reduce our weight as everyone wants to become fit and fine, everyone wants a dynamic personality, everyone wants to become a disease free, but some are or some not. The various myth also people contain in their heart that indirectly affects their health too.
Some started taking market products with dieting, and many got to come into the trap of fraud products. Be aware and check it before buying, whether it is good or not.
So, let's start the tips that help you to lose weight but, before starting I explain first about what is a healthy weight and you come under healthy weight or not. Scroll it and check whether you are an underweight, overweight, healthy weight, or you as an obese.

Healthy Weight And It's Meaning

Usually, an individual who has a healthy weight leads a healthy life with a reduced risk of diseases. It means that if an individual has a healthy weight, he/she can lead a healthy life. On the opposite hand, if an individual has an unhealthy weight be it underweight or overweight, he/she is not able to lead a healthy life.
According to the National Institute Of Health, " A healthy weight is considered to be the one that is between 19 and 25(BMI) is between 25 and 29 an adult is considered overweight. If the BMI is 30 or greater, the person is considered to be obese."
In simple words, it can also be said that a healthy weight is that weight which lowers an individual's risk for various health problems such as heart diseases, stroke, high blood pressure, diabetes, etc.
There are usually two popular methods to find out or calculate the healthy weight, i.e., height and weight chart and body mass index chart(BMI chart), Height and Weight chart tells us about healthy body weight, whereas another method is based on BMI using which one can come to know whether one has healthy body weight or not.


Low Weight(in Kg)
Medium Weight(in Kg)
Maximum Weight(in Kg)
50.7 – 54.4
53.7 – 57.1
57.1 – 63.9
52.1 – 55.8
54.8 – 60.3
58.5 – 65.3
53.5 – 57.1
56.2 – 61.6
59.8 – 67.1
54.8 – 58.5
57.8 – 63.0
61.2 – 68.9
56.2 – 60.3
59.0 – 64.8
62.6 – 70.0
58.0 – 62.1
60.7 – 66.6
64.4 – 73.0
59.8 – 63.9
62.6 – 68.9
66.6 – 75.2
61.6 – 63.7
64.4 – 70.7
68.4 – 77.1
63.4 – 68.0
66.6 – 72.5
70.3 – 78.9
65.3 – 69.8
68.0 – 74.8
72.1 – 81.1
67.1 – 71.6
69.8 – 77.1
75.3 – 83.4
68.9 – 73.4
71.6 – 79.3
76.1 – 85.7
70.7 – 75.7
73.4 – 81.6
78.4 – 87.9
72.5 – 77.5
75.7 – 83.9
80.7 – 90.2
74.3 – 79.3
78.0 – 86.1
82.5 – 92.5


Height(in cm)
Low Weight(in Kg)
Medium Weight(in Kg)
Maximum Weight(in Kg)
41.7 – 44.4
43.5 – 48.5
47.1 – 53.9
42.6 – 45.8
44.4 – 49.9
48.0 – 55.3
43.5 – 47.1
45.8 – 51.2
49.4 – 56.7
44.9 – 48.5
47.1 – 52.6
50.8 – 58.0
46.2 – 49.9
48.5 – 53.9
52.1 – 59.4
47.6 – 51.2
49.9 – 55.3
53.5 – 60.7
49.0 – 52.6
51.2 – 57.1
54.9 – 62.6
50.3 – 53.9
52.6 – 58.9
56.7 – 64.4
51.6 – 55.8
54.4 – 61.2
58.5 – 66.2
53.5 – 57.6
56.2 – 63.0
60.3 – 68.0
54.8 – 59.4
58.0 – 64.8
62.1 – 69.8
57.1 – 61.2
59.8 – 66.6
63.9 – 71.6
58.9 – 63.5
61.6 – 68.4
65.7 – 73.9
60.7 – 65.3
63.5 – 70.3
67.5 – 76.2
62.6 – 67.1
65.3 – 72.1
69.4 – 78.4

Method To Calculate BMI

If you want to know your body mass index, then divide your body weight in kg by your height in metre square,
Body Mass Index = Weight In Kg/Height In m²
                 Weight(in Kg) ➗  Height✖Height(in metre)
The WHO criteria for underweight, healthy or normal weight, overweight and obesity by BMI are as follows:
Normal Weight
18.5 – 24.9
Over Weight
25 – 29.9
Obesity Class I
30 – 34.9
Obesity Class II
35 – 39.9
Obesity Class III

So, you can understand your weight category by having a glance at these criteria.

Methods To Regulate Healthy Body Weight

Stress should be laid on the subsequent points for correct methods to regulate healthy body weight.

1. Set An Appropriate Goal:

For losing body weight, you ought to set an appropriate goal, i.e., how much weight you wish to shed or lose. While setting the goal, you ought to fathom your capacities and limitations. Your goal should be achievable.  You will set your goal for one month. Take a pledge that you simply will lose 1 g per month betting on what quantity excess weight you have got. After that, you will be able to further set your goal for weight control.

2. Cut Your Calories

Keep a concept able to revisit on the track if your body weight begins to exceed the specified level. It's an easy attempt to follow. Just cut or subtract only 100 calories a day. During this way, you will be able to return to your set goal.

3. Active Lifestyle

An active dynamic lifestyle plays a pertinent role in controlling weight. School children should opt to walk to high school rather than going by car or motorbike. Rather than elevators, they ought to take stairs. If they require to modify off the TV, they ought to not use the remote control but should, do this physically. They ought to not watch TV for more hours. Rather than watching TV for more hours, they ought to play outdoor games. During this way, they will lead a lively lifestyle, which will able to be beneficial in their weight control. Adults also use the same technique by making a daily routine of jogging and walking in the early morning.

4. Yogic Exercises

Yogic Exercises can help in controlling also as maintaining a correct weight. As an example, pranayama and yogic asanas, are helpful in controlling weight. As a matter of fact, research studies have proved that stress and tension tend to extend weight. Meditative asanas are beneficial in relieving stress and tension. Therefore, yogic exercises may be used for keeping good control overweight.

5. Avoid Fatty Foods

If you want to lose or maintain weight, you should avoid fatty foods in your diet. Fats are known to own a maximum number of calories. These extra calories are accumulated in your body. So, avoid fatty foods, if you wish to stay healthy.

6. Avoid Junk And Fast Foods

Try to avoid junk and fast foods such as Pizza, Burger, Chips, Cookies, Pastry, Chocolate, Cold Drinks, etc., if you wish to turn your weight. These foodstuffs are rich in empty calories. Intake of such foodstuffs leads to the condition of overweight.

Some Of The Best Ways To Lose Your Weight

7. Bring Out Support

No, doubt, you will be able to lose or maintain your weight without anybody's support, but if you get support from other people it makes the method of reducing weight easier and more pleasant. Tell those that are near you about your intention that you are serious and committed to reducing weight. Tell them that you simply would appreciate their support. In fact, having the support of a partner really works wonders for several persons. Promising to satisfy a partner for the regularly scheduled gym time could be a good way to stay to a workout routine. Such kind of support may be hunted for a lifetime. It will facilitate you in maintaining your weight.

8. Avoid Overeating

To control or maintain weight, you ought to not overeat. It implies that you ought to eat food as per the need of your body. Suppose you need 3000 calories per day, then you ought to take the food that consists of only 3000 calories. If you take 3200 calories per day, the 200 calories will be accumulated daily as fat in your body. So, you ought to avoid overeating.

9. Don't Eat Smaller Meals Frequently

You should not form a custom of eating smaller meals frequently. Take a prospect of 6-7 hours between your two meals, by avoiding eating smaller meals frequently you furthermore might avoid adding excess fat to the body.

10. Avoid Rich Carbohydrate Food

To turn, avoid rich carbohydrate foods. But, it does not imply that you simply must not take carbohydrates in the least. Carbohydrate is important to extend the amount of energy. So, you ought to just reduce the quantity of carbohydrate in your diet. For this purpose attempt to avoid sugar, rice, potatoes, toffees, chocolates and other sweets.

11. Lay Stress On Health Not On Weight

It is a well-known incontrovertible fact that losing weight for health instead of appearance can make it easier to line reasonable goals. From the purpose of view of health, you ought to make efforts to attain or maintain a body mass index between a spread of 18.5 and 24.9. If your BMI or waist measures beyond these limits you will be in danger of contracting various diseases. So, from the purpose of view of health attempt to maintain these limits.

12. Don't Skip Meals

Don't skip your meals like breakfast, lunch or dinner. If you skip your meal, the following time you will definitely derive pleasure in overeating which can cause obesity. In fact, skipping meals increases hunger and it leads to greater food consumption in the next meal that you simply take.

13. Regular Exercise Or Physical Activity

Exercise helps to regulate your weight by consuming excess calories. On, the opposite hand, if you do not exercise, the surplus calories are stored as fat. In fact, your body weight is regulated by the quantity of calories you are taking in and use day after day. In reality, whatever you eat, contains calories and whatever you are doing, uses calories. Even calories are used while breathing, sleeping and digesting food. Regular exercise or physical activity could be a vital part of weight loss or weight control programme for a lifetime. Research studies consistently indicate that regular physical activity/exercise such as aerobic exercise and strengthening exercise for at least 30 minutes, combined with healthy eating habits, is the most healthy way to control weight for a lifetime. Whether you are making endeavours to reduce weight or maintain it, you should never forget the significant role of exercise/ physical activity.

14. Balancing The Intake Of Calories And Expenditure Of Calories

For maintaining a healthy weight, you should always try to strike a balance between your intake of calories and expenditure of calories. For implementing this, try not to eat more calories than your body burns each day. Always stick to your eating plan even on a holiday or a function. If your intake of calories is more than what you need, the excess calories ate stored as fat. Too much-stored fat raises your BMI and makes it hard to return to your aimed weight. Lay stress on the following points for balancing the intake and burning of calories.
(a) When you take more calories than you require to do your day's activities, your body stores the extra calories and as a result of this, you gain weight.
(b) When you take less number of calories than your expenditure of calories, you lose weight.
(c) When your intake and expenditure of calories remain the same, your body weight also remains the same.
By laying stress on the above-mentioned points, healthy body weight can be achieved. It is usually said that you may lose your body weight for a short period but it is difficult to maintain it for a lifetime. Indeed, it requires strong willpower, dedication, firm determination, persistent endeavours and motivation to control weight and maintain a healthy weight.

Comment below and tell me,
you are fit or not. Or if you going to start losing weight so, when you are setting your first goal.
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