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How To Overcome Fear? Convert Your Failures Into Success

How To Overcome Fear? Convert Your Failures Into Success

How To Overcome From Fear? Convert Your Failures Into Success

Word "failure" is the word that no one wants to listen in their way of success, and this is understood by them very clearly who are facing failures once in their lifetime. People do hard work for years to get success and when they listen that in the same work they fail it makes them so irritated, and many people are gone into depression.
Different people have different reasons for their failure, that some people can understand and some can't. But if, I give the task to you, to do introspect yourself then, one common reason that comes openly in the presence of all i.e. "fear".
I am not talking about the fear of failure, I am talking about the fear of conditions, situations, and the expectations that are done by others, and ultimately it makes you fail. It had gone so heavy on you that it pushes you down in a row of success.
Try to understand this in a simple way; you are in the mansion, and no one is there except you, suddenly light has gone and there is dark in every corner then, you feel scary from what?
As there is no one in that mansion, so why you feel scary in that mansion? No people are present there so there no question arises related to people. Why?
You only feel scary from that situation that creates around you, your mind always think about who is in the dark? because you are not unable to see clearly. It is same just like your future which you had not seen and your mind thinks about whether your future is bright or not and it makes you feel scary and gives you stress.
You always think about it if it is not bright so, how others react and if it is bright then, how much luxurious it is? and to find out answers to these type of questions many people wastes their time in daydreaming.
First, you have to remove the fear of expectations and the comments of society. As if you listen to the useless words of others, you can't be successful. These are the mouth of those people who were not done anything good with their life and whenever they find a person who is trying to do anything good with his life they will come to interrupt with his work.
Never try to listen to the words of others. When you 'fail' many mouths are present to dispraise you, and when you "win" the same mouths at the same time praises you.
Only you can change your life, no one can do it for you. So, why you listen to the words of others?
How To Overcome From Fear? Convert Your Failures Into Success

Don't compare yourself with anyone, as all were born with their different type of qualities, you are unique if you compare yourself with anyone then, you only disrespect yourself than anything else.
Make your thinking positive, that act a big role in your motivation. "If you 'fail', it doesn't mean that you are a failure, it means that you put your first step on the stairs that directly go to the door of success."
Kill your fear of situations that indirectly kills your hard work too. Start and take actions as whatever the resources you have, as there is so much of time is there to think upon it, always give priority to your work, improve yourself and increases your productivity.

Delete All The Things From Your Life That Wastes Your Time

I think you understand about what I am talking about, Many people waste their time on social media, youtube, etc. that takes their time as input and gives them stress and fatigue as output.
These type of people always have one complaint that they have less time, I guaranteed you only for one day, you don't do any useless surfing on the internet and I am sure you realize that how much time you have?
People waste their so many continuous hours on watching T.V, web series, movies, etc. and it is not compulsory that all movies you like or if any movie you like so, it is the time-wasting thing that you watch the same movie 10-15 times. I say these lines for those who do this.
If anything is good and watchable so, yes you go for it. I don't have any revenge from your lifestyle. But, do your entertainment limited.
Instead of entertainment, you use your time to explore new things, use this time in learning, give time to your hobbies, do exercises and makes you fit.
Exercises make you strong physically and reduce your stress and it also compulsory for your mind too. A healthy mind always resides in a healthy body.
How To Overcome From Fear? Convert Your Failures Into Success

Take actions, it directly gives you motivation and inspires you to do better. Many people do these type of mistakes that first, they take motivation from speeches, and motivational videos and when it is over then, they stop their actions in search of motivation.
Action is important, it gives you all that you need.
Never try to change your destination, if you fail to achieve it so, only you have to change your strategies, and planning and again work upon it surely you will achieve it. Our mind is so powerful only you have to give it the right direction.
God will always help those who do hard work for their aim.
"Make yourself so high and do a lot of great hard work that God also asks from you what is your reward".
On your failures take the blame on yourself that motivates you to do something better with your life. And on your wins transfer some credit to God that also motivates you to do the best with your life without any ego.
Do your best. What you plant now, you will harvest later. Work on your present and you get your future sweet like a fruit.
How To Overcome From Fear? Convert Your Failures Into Success

Therefore, start your actions from now, without any fear and I am sure, you will succeed easily.

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