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Success not gain in a minute #opinion @yourlife

Stand Still Until You Achieve It

All want to achieve more and more things in their life but we have to do work hard until we succeed it. No one present in this world who can't have its own story which fully filled with great devotion, consist many fire paths in its dreadful journey. But after this we have to do work hard to complete our dreams. 
      Why we have to do so hard? Why we don't get it easily?
Answer of this is so natural: if we gives money in the hands of a uncivilized person he doesn't know how to use it. But if we gives same amount of money in the hands of a business minded person he know how to convert it into a huge amount of money, and knows a good way to handle it.
God doesn't give success to everyone but it doesn't mean that he doesn't give success to anyone. First we have to prepare ourselves for this. God gives stardom to those who well knows how to handle it, and for this we have to carry a burden of all threatening things that done in our life. We have to make ourselves mentally strong and not to depress easily. It's a simple thing that when we are a celebrity we makes ourselves quite sensitive at the time of giving any statement and try to save ourselves from trolling and who have a power to handle it, can become a great celebrity all don't have the power to beat this and for this we are having the power to face depression. 
We doesn't lose when we lose in front of the world, we really lose when we lose from our inside. Other people in this world is like a spectators for us when we done a goal they cheer  up, when we miss it they criticize, they don't think what it reacts. At that time only our mental wellness works and helps us to write a record in an immortal history. 
It is not a work that done in a minute but not so hard that we can't done it.
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