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The Best Tricks To Keep Yourself Motivated All The Time

Ways To Keep Yourself Motivated All The Time For Doing  Hard Work

The Best Tricks To Keep Yourself Motivated All The Time

You do work regularly, following the same routine for most of the time. And due to following the same routine every day, you feel boredom. Yes, this is true for doing continuous work you require motivation that always helps you to remain fresh, and maintains your concentration on your work.
So, what are the tricks behind this to keep yourself motivated all the time? What you do some creative with your regular life to keep yourself motivated to do hard work regularly?
This is the same problem in the life of all people, they listen or read one motivating article and help yourself to keep motivated. But slightly in only one week, all motivation is gone, and laziness surrounds you again. Therefore in this, I discuss some best tricks to keep yourself motivated all the time, every single day, every single minute, every single second.
Before start, first, you understand some things that why you feel that boredom in such a minimum amount of time. There are some points which I conclude are:

  • Lack of Patience.
  • Lack of Interest in your work.
  • Due to following the same routine regularly.
  • You do entertainment either more than a requirement or less than a requirement.
  • Don't do exercises, meditation and yoga.
  • Feel frustration due to taking less amount of sleep.
  • You take unwanted stress of others, or by using mobile phones much you feel more stress.
  • Don't eat healthy food, and the maximum time your body cure itself of unwanted diseases.
These are the points which I feel if you know more than this so discuss with us by doing comment.
Let's start the points which help you to keep yourself motivated;

1. Make Your Routine And Time Table

First, you choose one day and make your routine in which you include all your works which you do every day. Then, make your time table in which you write all your works and time that they take to complete, form the time table whole of your week and every day you include exercises in your time table and different works in it. Like, on Monday you read 10 pages of a book, on Tuesday you play any game for half an hour, or you include your hobbies or interests into it that you perform every new activity on a new single day of your week, that keeps your mind fresh and you stay motivated towards your work.

2. Paste motivational and inspirational thoughts or posters of your role model in your room 

This is unique or widely used idea which all follow in their day to day life. It helps you to remind your goals and give a push to you for working hard. As if anyone love to play football then, we see generally that such kids paste posters of their favourite football player on the walls of their room. Or many we see such big cricket fans evenly written the name of big companies on their bats so, it provides motivation to them for owning the tag of such company on their garments too.

3.Set up an alarm in your phone or keep changing wallpapers of your desktop with a new quote

You all use phones nowadays, so use them also to keep motivated yourself, the time table that you fix, according to that time table set up an alarm in your phone as a reminder that helps you to remind your new duty that you have to perform with great loyalty. Or you do this thing also by keep changing the wallpapers of your desktop every day with a new quote. What motivates you to do work hard each and every single day.

4.Bribe Yourself

This is one new idea which is used by many successful persons or person who wants to do big in their life.
I know one-time APJ Abdul Kalam said," Dream is not which you see while sleeping it is something that doesn't let you sleep."
Therefore in order to keep yourself motivated you to bribe yourself in your dreams, or you organize small parties on achieving the goals that motivated you in future. When I passing out from my worst time I always remind those days when I do so much of hard work in the worst time and I successfully achieve my goals. This also helps you somewhere to keep yourself motivated.

5.Surround Yourself With Positive People

Many times we observe or I also observe the same our mentality works similarly like those people with whom we sit or do talk the most. So, give this suggestion to you that you always surround yourself with positive people that help you to tackle problems or not to push you in unwanted stress. Therefore, make your friends with having jolly nature and always support you in your bad time rather than giving you the stress of their own problems too.

6. Don't Waste your Energy In Thought Of Problems

This is the biggest problem with many negative minded people that they take the stress of problems too much. Even they showed the stress of their yesterday problem in their present-day itself, that wasted them both days or sometimes even a week. Stress is not the solution to your problems, face it, tackle it and finding solutions with a calm mind is the best trick to finding solutions to your problems. So, don't try to waste your energy in wasteful thoughts. Your past you can't change, only you maintain your present that indirectly or directly preserves your future itself.

7. Take Small Breaks Between Your Work

Some people are so motivated towards their goal that they work hard whole day without any stop. And another day when problems come of headache, or disease due to not eating food on time, it wasted their 2-3 days from overcoming with that. Therefore, it is better to take small breaks between your work. In these short breaks of 20-25 minutes, you eat your favourite food, or you see some comedy videos, or you see any favourite movie scene of yours.
Its main motive is only to refresh your mind again, so if you do a study or anything you do after that by giving your 100% focus and total concentration.

8. Don't Think About Results

Many of you do this mistake in your life, before doing hard work on any goal, you try to see its results that give useless stress to you. First, you avoid the forecasting of your results, you read, you do your work on your goals, and give it by confidence, doing forecasting without having a head and tail is useless, and only waste your time as you think more or do less which directly reduces your productivity, and in the end, you have to blame yourself. So, it's better to keep distancing with these thoughts.

9. Don't Listen Or Think Too Much On Other's Useless Talks

Negative people say and then stop because they have no profit from your life whatever you do in your life, not affect the other's life except you. They speak, you listen and forget, only you have to do this. Thinking what he says about me? is wasting time and delaying you to achieve your goals. These are those people when you fail, they kick you and when you win, they praise you. 
So, never listen to the useless talks of this kind of people and try to avoid them as you can.

10. Keep Dancing On Your Own Music

In this, I only say that whatever happened in your surrounding which not effects you, ignore it and keep dancing on your own music only, this helps you to motivate all time, Or you listen to your favourite song which motivates you so much.

I think these are some tricks which helps you a lot to keep yourself motivated. If you really like it, so comment and give your views.

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