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20 Best Self Improvement Tips, Personal Growth Tips, Live Your Life With Your Rules

20 Best Self Improvement Tips

Many of you asking regularly. How you make yourself perfect? What are the self-improvement tips to make yourself great which always help you to fight with difficult situations? And provide mental strength for holding tough and tensed situations in a better way. Therefore, I discuss some self-improvement tips with you which is really so helpful for improving your personality.
Let's start;

1. Try to wake up early in the morning 

This is one of the key factors that helps you to improve your daily routine. When you wake up early in the morning you feel very light. And you feel that day is so long, gives more time to your work. You do your work easily, with a fresh mood. This comes under one of the good habits that you need to acquire.

2. Read 

Reading books is a good one, it provides you knowledge with entertain, and gives a better understanding view. It increases your fluency and vocabulary on that language by reading books. The primary key of speaking is to read, write, and listening.

3. More you write as you can, about yourself 

Yes, you all know when, we write it improves our writing, our accuracy to do things by writing. But, write about yourself is so good, as many people know about parents, about their siblings but not know about its own. When you write about yourself it gives you a perfect chance to do introspection on yourself. It helps you to judge or knowing very tiny things about yourself, which you never get time to know about them in your busy schedule.
Try to know about yourself, that's good and so crazy.

4. Do exercises 2-3 days in a week

All want to remain fit and fine and acquire a healthy weight. So, just do exercises not regularly but, yes try to fix it 2-3 days in a week for 1-2 hours. Exercises keep you fit, provide you with mental strength. And it helps you to tackle difficult situations in your life. It is so helpful in reducing stress also.

5. Take sufficient sleep of 7 hours 

All-day your body works. So, it also needs a rest, go through it provide your body with a sufficient 7 hours sleep in a day that is must and healthy for your body and brain also. Not less than this or not more than this. Lack of sleep causes frustration into your mind and more sleep causes laziness. So, go through only 7 hours of sleep a day. That's suitable rest time for youth.

6. Control your anger

Many things of yours get destroyed through anger. In anger, you can't make the right decision. Or anger always gives birth to a new fight. So, keep away from anger. Yogasana and exercises, by doing meditation you somehow get control on your anger.

7.Learn new languages

 This is a new thing which helps you to talk with different people in their language. Or it such a nice way to understand other people through their languages. It generally increases your knowledge. And helps you to give a more protective environment.

8. Generate new hobbies

Much of your precious time you lost in doing silly things, so generate your new hobbies and give time to them. Which gives you self satisfaction and one of the craziest experience to your life. Doing hobbies in free time such a great thing.

9. Do work with a planing 

Most of the persons who are successful, they always do work with planing because planning increases your winning probability at a level. Doing work by planing increases your organizing ability also, which ultimately changes your personality.

10. Reduce watching T.V

Yes, watching TV is a waste of time only. You save your time and gives it to your work, which always requires your life. Watching TV never give you anything or it consumes your time only. For entertainment yes, you watch it for half an hour but more watching TVs harming your eyes and your career also.

11. Use the internet in a proper way 

Instead of using social media accounts or seeing the pics of the model. You give that time to increase your knowledge by reading articles or newspaper or research something through the internet is more helpful for you, done such creative things with it. Try to utilize your time by engaging yourself in a working environment.

12. Improve your communication skills

This is the most important thing which all want, better communication skills. And for making your communication skills better you have to engage yourself in a social environment try to communicate with people. Not do work every time with your electronic gadgets. As you see many time people sit between so much of crowd but, after that, he is busy in himself and with his gadgets. 
Increases your social adaptability that ultimately affects your communication skills. In alone you try with a plane mirror also with speaking fluently without any fear.

13. Always read about any topic in detail 

If you read about any topic so always read it completely. Half reading or half-knowledge about anything is always dangerous. Imagine you take part in the discussion, and that topic you read it half only. So, for some time you take part in discussion but when more things come you forcibly have to take over yourself outside from that discussion.
So, acquire knowledge fully, otherwise not. Half knowledge always proves dangerous.

14. Set Goals

For achieving something in life. It is required to set goals and work according to it. Not try to set your goals so large that it makes impossible to achieve. If you fix a large goal so, it's mandatory to set such a small number of goals also, which ultimately helping you to achieve your big goal easily.

15. Eat better and make yourself healthy

You all know this better to remain fit,  it is not good to eat junk food daily. So, take a balanced diet and eat food according to it. Eat vegetables, fruits and take vitamins and minerals in a limited amount into your diet. Good food is always required for making yourself healthy. Your body is of yours only, it is work as a resource only for you. So, always kept your body fit and healthy.

16. Accept failures

Many people fail every time continuously because they never accept failures. Accept your failures, this provides power to you and gave a motivation towards your next goal to crack it in any condition. For your failures not blame to others, this proves you are weak, take the blame on yourself because only this will give you the right path for the win every inning of your match.

17. Be thankful

People have always complained about their life. Why I can't have this? Why my life is not luxurious? But, one time you also have to see those people who can't have to wear clothes. So, be thankful to God that he gave you this life better than worst. You have resources use it, take steps forward, the path will form automatically. Not complain, try to make your life better than this and this is possible only due to your hard work.

18. Accept past

Many of you try to scrape your past, and if your past remembering things are not good, it makes you unhappy. But, you know this affects your present and future both. So, whatever your past accept it and try to take a step forward in your life. That changes your life in a better one and secure your future in a better way then, that of your past.
Go ahead, live in your present, secure your future.

19. Surround yourself with positive people and try to handle negative aura and problems present around you

This is a fact, between which type of people you sit your mind also starting work according to it. So, for positivity, always surround yourself with positive people and try to keep away yourself with the negative ones. Do exercises and meditation that also provides you with a power to handle negative people, talks and from their created aura around you. Positivity always encourages you to do your best.

20. Learn new things and apply in your life 

A human never becomes perfect he started to learn from his birth and learn Upto his death. You can't say I know all the things. Always try to learn new things or catch morals from your life. As many incidents happened in your daily life. Try to learn from that and remember that you don't do the same mistake in your future.
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