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Way To Follow Your Passion And Get Your Dreams True

Many times you heard this line from the people, "he was so bright in his childhood but now, he was not so successful", or may be someone also think same about themselves.
So, first question that this type of people generally ask from themselves  that "where this brightness gone?", "why they can't achieve that much height which they deserve?" Many of the questions are there and answer is only one which your heart also know that, "you don't follow your passion". This is true, in this world only 4%people follow their passion whom we called with a tag 'celebrity' and rest only follow the world and the society. 
You want to get your dreams true but you choose that work in which you not interested so how you get that success which you want. If you give love to someone in exchange he give you love also, but when you not interested in a thing then, how that thing interested in you. Success only comes to those which turn their passion into profession, many times you talk about successful people that how he do that much high amount of work in a day, is he mad?
Yes, he is mad in the eyes of society because he follow his passion, when you follow your passion people give same complement for you also. When you follow your passion you don't know where your time spend, where you sit, you eat food or not, you imagine that you see a film, and yes, in the life of all the people that work is present when they sit to do that work they don't see anything and their all focus is only to complete that work which they take in their hand and this happens because they interested to do that work.
When you follow your passion failures also come but end always with a win. Lose and win is like a speed breakers on a road in life they come and move, they not stick with your whole life that failure comes one time then, it stuck for the end of the life,it's wrong, simply it come and gone. The thing you have to do, never afraid from the problems that come in your life, you have to solve it and move forward.

Ways To Know That You Follow Your Passion Or Not

Some questions I ask there that you have to ask from yourself and decide whether you follow your passion or not
  • You are the one who become ready to go home before an hour from your office, by packing your bags.
  • When you come into your home in night, you always satisfied with your work that you done whole day.
  • You really enjoying your work or you do it forcibly.
  • In between your work some ideas come into your mind that if you do another thing, then that is more profitable but, on the other hand you fear to take risk that if you will go to another this job also gone.
  • Any work that you love so much and frequently on holidays you only do research about that, you love to do that work or sometimes you feel that work as your profession and think about your lifestyle when you join that work professionally.
    If really that type of work is in your life so 99% that's your passion, and if you want to get success so you also have to live with your passion too. Many people for their passion take risks many business man's, many investors and many people who are billionaires today. Even the great scientist Thomas Edison left his home for making a bulb. He did 10000 experiments before making a bulb, in the end when one man ask from him about his those 10000 experiments. He said he got successful to find out 10000 unsuccessful experiments but he never said that he failed. That's the spirit of successful persons. If really you want to get success then, you have to live your passion first and sometimes also have to take some risks for get your dreams true.
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