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Depression, Its Symptoms And Ways To Overcome From It

Depression, Its Symptoms And Ways To Overcome From It

Depression,Its symptoms And Ways To Overcome From It

Depression, it is a very dangerous thing and hard to handle, but not always. It is understood by only those who really suffered from it. You can't judge anybody by seeing that is he suffering from depression or not. And when you judge so, it is too late for him. It is a simple disorder and anyone will be suffering by this.
Its can affect any individual at any age, the symptoms of this may be different in different age groups. Children and adolescents usually exhibit anger, irritation and agitation. Older people exhibit incoherence, forgetfulness and fuzziness. And some other symptoms are overeating, more or less sleep, fluctuating mood, less eating, etc.
Depression is not caused due to only one problem, different people have different problems in their life, and which problem started biting to whom and when nobody knows. People who suffer from depression, about them others say that he is not so strong mentally. But, all not know it well that when anything goes above from brim then, it will be starting to fall down.
The biggest reason for depression in today's world that most of the people are self-centred. Nobody cares about anybody. And depressed people started to fight alone in this whole world. Some got wins and some don't.
Even after their death, people can't able to find out what was the real problem of him that forced him to take these actions.
"Nowadays, people converted social media world in their real world, and try to live the real world as a virtual." That increases depression a lot. We need to change it.
Today, I share with you some tips that help you to fight with the problem of depression to some extent:

1. Make A Trustable Friend

I know that it is hard to find out, but a friend or any person that always resides close to your heart needed by all people in their life, as in tough times he understands you in a better way and in good times he enjoyed with you the same moment.
In a hard time, you can share your problems with him that make you feel light and relaxed. Never try to absorb the negative talks or negative things that acts as a poison in future. Share it with others and find out a trustable man to whom you can share your thoughts easily.

2. Keep Yourself Busy In Your Work

When negativity and negative thoughts are present around you, so only do one thing. Keep yourself busy and not try to concentrate your mind on those awkward problems that make you frustrated. 
Do your work with full strength and take a night of better sleep, try to distract your mind and enjoy all moments and small wins of your life.

3. Give Time To Your Favourite Things

All people have their hobbies that they love so much to enjoy anywhere and whenever they want. Give time to your hobbies favourite things in your free time that gives you pleasure and self-reliance. Forgot all problems and imagine that you are in your world, where you enjoy so much as you can. Eat your favourite things and avoid to think about your problems.

4. Control Anger

In depression it is not sure that you only weep, sometimes people started to do anger on others, on their problems and harm themselves. Anger only give you harm and make your time waste, if you can't do anything about the problem, then forgot it. Or if you can do then, think about the solutions calmly instead of showing anger. I know that it is hard to control but, you have to do it for yourself.

5. Do Exercises

Anger, frustration, irritation, stress relief all things you achieve by doing exercises. Instead of weight lifting, you have to prefer home workout as in weight training if you pick more weight than your strength so it may be harmful to you. Do yoga asana, flexibility exercises, push-ups, pull-ups, Russian twist, plank etc. that help you to relieve from stress.
And if you want so also try to do meditation for 15-20 minutes.

6. Worrying Gives You Nothing

I know that it is easy to say this Stop Worrying!, but hard to follow it. But you have to follow it because this only increases your problems and your expectations from others, in the end, it gives you nothing except weep. And it increases your stress level and nothing be gone right. If you can't do anything positive go straight, not try to increase problems for yourself.

7. End Your Loneliness

Try to talk to others, be made yourself social, spent some time with nature. Share your feelings with families, and trustable friends. Find out new ways to make your life better. Live for no one, you only have to live for your dreams, that you want to see to become a reality one day.
Start again, whatever you lose before, forget it because memories of your past only give you pain and stop you to do anything better. Spent time with yourself is not wrong, but sometimes you have to observe your activities that not spent so much time with yourself, that end your full social life. 
Try to connect yourself and interact with your friends physically than to talk by using social media.
Social media only increases stress most of the time, you can't judge anyone by its one text comment. Its too change in physical interaction and to talk virtually.

Is Depression A Disease Which Never Is Cured?

I think this is not a disease, it is a simple disorder and anyone can get into, only you have to fight with your problems and not to give them a chance to defeat you, that broke you from inside.
Its gets cured, only you have to show calm, perseverance, and not left your dreams untrue. When you try to understand your life in a better way, it gets exhausted naturally. Fighting with problems, and always have to take steps forward in an account of your wins is "The Life". And it is not the worst, it is so beautiful than your imagination when you get so much of happiness? When you solve the problem which was so hard it gives you a double pleasure than solving of small problems.
Always take your steps forward, and live your life like a legend.

If you face any problem or want to take any advice and want to share your experience of facing depression, contact with me. I help you, I will try everything that I can.

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