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latest anti-aging beauty treatments?

Age may be just a number now since people live longer than before and want to look and feel younger. While you can use many different kinds of potions and even change your diet to retard the aging process, you cannot halt it completely. Though plastic surgery has been around for a long time, it is not without risks that come with major and minor surgical procedures. Newer techniques and devices and minimally invasive surgery has become very popular thanks to its more reasonable pricing and faster healing times. So what are the latest anti-aging beauty treatments?

The new anti aging treatments

There are many surgical options that turn back the clock. These include complete or partial other plastic surgery procedures that may require hospitalization or may even be lunch-time procedures. New treatments use modern techniques and devices. Among these are:

Cryolipolysis – this is a way to freeze the fat. The first part of the treatment consists of putting a plate-like device on the skin that actually freezes the fat. The fat cells are destroyed and the body gets rid of them in a natural way over a few weeks. The second part of the procedure uses high pressure acoustic waves. This helps make the skin tight and smooth, resulting in younger looking skin. You require four to six of these treatments.

Lipotripsy – this is actually shock wave therapy. It is used on thighs, hips and buttocks and helps sculpt your body and make it look slimmer. The device passes radial waves through the skin and this reduces cellulite and improves the elasticity of the skin. The excess fat becomes softer and drains out via the lymphatic system. You require eight to ten of these treatments.

Carbon dioxide is quick and requires only two sessions. It uses tiny beams of energy light to make minute holes in the skin. This causes the skin to heal by producing  looking skin. What’s more is that results can last up to ten years.

SkinPen – this is a new device that looks like a pen and whose tiny needles penetrate the skin. This again causes the skin to heal naturally and collagen production is stimulated, resulting in younger, plumper and fresh looking skin. It can be used on different parts of the body and reduces the effects of scarring, acne, fine lines, sun damage and even stretch marks.

Chemical peel – different kinds of acids are applied to the skin and left on for times ranging for a few minutes to even overnight. The peels destroy the top layer of the skin and, as the skin heals, you get fresh and younger looking skin. The peels also reduce spots and pigmentation. Some clinics advise microdermabrasion before the peel as this exfoliates the skin from deep within and removes dead cells.

Anti-wrinkle injections – earlier fillers were only used on lips and wrinkle lines, but now they are used for face contouring anywhere on the face. Among the products used are Perlane, JuvĂ©derm, Artifill, and Radiesse or Restylane. These help make the skin plumper, counteracting the effects of gravity.

You have to consult with an aesthetician to find out what kind of procedures are right for you and also check what kind of results you can realistically expect, how many sittings you need and how long the results will last.

Do share your experiences with anti-aging treatments.
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