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6 Powerful Strategies Which Helps You To live A Wonderful Quality Life.

6 Powerful Strategies Which Helps You To live Wonderful Quality Life.

6 Powerful Strategies Which Helps You To live A Wonderful Quality Life.

So many years had gone, and many self-improvement books I read then, I realize that the experiences of different persons are different in their life too. It does not work always in the other's life. In books, the author wrote about their own challenges that he faced and gave the solutions according to it that what he finds right at that time and works as well.

But, change in time, changes everything as people thought changes and their perception too in judging out the different people in a row. So, if you have to do something extraordinary so, you have to plan and make your own strategies, not the copied one's.

I am not saying that forget to read about the challenges of different people and the strategies of successful people too. But, if you don't have your own ideas then, all things are waste. Most of us, generally use to read about the strategies of successful people but, I suggest you that sometimes read about the failures stories too that give you a broad concept that why another one fails in the same?

We don't have a so much of time in our life that we attempt all mistakes and then, try to learn from it one by one. Sometimes, need to learn from others too, and share your own real-life experiences with others it works better than to read any self-improvement books. Remember, newly ideas are always required if you don't have, so learn to generate them. There only ideas that make the two people different from the same field.

So, if you want to enhance the quality of your life then, start to improve yourself with time otherwise, one day you get outdated. If anyone is present who can change your future, are you only.

So, I can share some points with you on which you have to do work always which I thought to live a better one:

1. Be A Good Learner

Nothing will work for you if you don't have the power to learn things quickly. Learning things always work actually, it is a part of our life, we need to learn things since birth until death or if don't then, surely you will lose the race. As this is true always, "survival of the fittest".

So, with the time you need to change yourself, improve yourself and this you can do only through learning; so, be make yourself curious towards learning.

This is only our thought process which makes us different from each other, if you want to compete with the new talents too then, the learning is so important one in your life. As learning makes things easier, and it is not a difficult task, take it easy, and develop a passion to learn things in starting it seems difficult but, later when it coverts in your habit surely, you will enjoy it.

2. Avoid Chasing People, Chase Your Dreams

This is too important as, many people waste they're so much of time in completion of other's dream, only such a short life you get. So, why you are wasting this life in completion of other's dream. Go, and chase your dreams, do what you like.

Do the job, which you enjoy, be an owner, not a worker. If you are not loving your work so, you never remain happy in your life. Your satisfaction in achieving your dreams matters so much.

Many years I do what others won't, then I knew about the reality that if I am not having the courage of doing my work according to my ideas then, my brain is waste for me. If I also not being confident and serious towards my dreams, so no one is also not interested in my dreams too, that's the truth which happens with most of the people. The satisfaction which you are finding from years, you get only when you do things after listening to your heart and accomplish them, by encouraging and sharpens your brain.

3. Apply The Lessons Which You Learn

As we read many things and learn also by reading or listening anywhere. But, many of us fail to apply those lessons in real life in a practical way which matters a lot.

What you read, what you learn or What you understand is important when you apply it practically. World know or recognize only those people who apply the principles in their life. 

Like if you are a science student and read and learn about many reactions and principles which works but, never try those in a practical way in your life in order to become innovator then, all theory is wastage for you. Similar things happen with life too, what you learn, apply and then, see the results.

No one is interested to know about your knowledge that how many things you know which not known by other's people because the world only interested to see inventions and things that practically works rather than your knowledge if you have the power to change your dream ideas into reality then, no one is able to beat you.

4. Learn To Adapt Easily

If you want to survive anywhere on earth then, learn to adapt easily. As many people felt difficulty in adaptation and not make yourself adjust in other's culture or environment.

If you have the power to adapt easily then, you can survive in any of the conditions. To adapt yourself easily first, you have to learn to do the respect of the other's culture, what others people think, having a piece of good knowledge about the environment where you want to adapt yourself. If you don't have these qualities then, may it creates hurdles for you.

People who never left their own places don't know how to adapt in the other environment. So, not make yourself like this, to make this bit easier for yourself try to plan some holidays for some time any outer places too, about where you don't know anything and which creates a new experience for you. It helps you so much.

5. Be Healthy And Fit

This is so important if you want to live a quality life. Everyone wants a healthy and fit body, and sometimes gain it so but, feel difficulty in maintaining it. I think you don't have to do worry about it more because if you are doing your job and extra activities of your home then, it's enough to make yourself fit. 

Or after that, if you feel difficulty to maintain your weight (as COVID-19 pandemic occurs). So, don't get worried more and give only around half an hour daily for yourself and do exercises in your home too, in which you can do many exercises like plank, crunches, push-ups, chin-ups, squat ups, the formation of bridges, stretching exercises, and yoga according to your age and weight with a full balanced diet. As diet works more than exercises to make yourself fit, what type of things you eat are so much responsible for shaping your body.

6. Be Patient And Learn Gratitude

Patience is the most dangerous weapon made by God if you want success. Patience also comes under the one improvement quality as because this is present to only some fewer people and it always works too.

No one is perfect in the whole world and every people perform mistakes so, can never be said, "I am perfect". So, learn patience and gratitude both, as you don't know who will help you in hard times. So, be down and learn patience which always works with time and give you happiness in a shocking way.

These are the points on which I focused. But, there are so many points too on which you can do work and can learn to live a quality life.

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