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How Can You Stop Being An Average | How You Increase Your Productivity | How You Go Beyond An Average Person And Get Success Easily

   How Can I Stop Being An Average

How Can I Stop Being An Average | How I Increase My Productivity | How I Go Beyond An Average Person

Hi guys, such a common trend start nowadays. All want perfection. But, sorry to say no one is perfect in all kinds of work except God. Even your life is too short to learn all the tactics of this earth, due to this God provides talent of different types to different people, and some generate it by their hard work.
Many of you want to go beyond average, but you don't know one thing that only average people have time to play or learn all things, because beyond average only utilize their whole time in their only two or three skills. But, many people want to increase their productivity due to this they always ask the tactics about to go beyond average.
So, today I discuss with you only about some points that help you to stop yourself being an average. These are some points below that helps you to go beyond an average:

1. Train Your Brain Again

You have to always remind one thing our brain is so powerful, what you want to do your brain can do it easily. So first, you exclude this thing from your mind that you are an average. Train it as you are perfect and you can do any work easily that ultimately changes your many qualities which makes you more than average not in your eyes, but in the eyes of others also.
Actually, many of us not know our capabilities that generate various type of myths in our mind, some common myths that in our daily life that we always have to do our breakfast in the morning between 8-10 a.m., do our lunch or dinner also on time, 6-7 hours sleep is must for our body, that are some scientific facts also, but they are not true always. I am not discussing any movie script, but many times we see in wars that people showed many powers that we can't imagine that anybody lifted weight three times more than him/her in the conditions of emergency.
Your mind never says stop only your physical strength and senses are responsible that pressurize your brain to say stop. So, train your brain that you are not an average, you are a person with a beyond average qualities. Go with it and surely you will feel some change.

2. Do More Practice And Hard Work

Many times you heard this line that "Practice makes a man perfect". Or this line is true always. If you try it ever in your life so, you know how true it is. Practice and hard work beat the talent too. I think you all listen to a story of a Rabbit and Tortoise in which tortoise wins the race due to his constant hard work and rabbit lose it in an over-confidence that he had on his talent. So, you easily go for it. Success never comes in front of you like serving in a plate, you have to make yourself such a strong that success chooses you only.

3. Do Not Compare Yourself With Others

People who think themselves average. There 50% problem is with others and constantly saying "I can't do this but He is doing this so perfect". If you also do the same then you do disrespect of yourself, not others, understand this all have their unique talent and own unique practice. In martial arts, a man wins who do more practice of his skills than all other students of the same school, and in the fight he 40% use his those unique skills which no one do better than him.
If you say to Cristiano Ronaldo for doing swimming like a Michael Phelps so, he can do it. Of course not and same Michael Phelps can't play football like a Ronaldo. Both Of them have their own unique skills and practice. If they start comparing with each other so, they also are an average in each others sport. Therefore, never try to compare yourself with others.

4. Learn To Manage Stress

This is a common problem with many of you. You get hurried in such a small problem, you started to think constantly about it which waste your so much of time, decreases your productivity and effects so much on your life. The toughest work in whole life to control your own mind and on anger that wastes many of your work, which you realize after losing your precious things.
Do meditation regularly for half an hour, it increases the power of your working senses and also sharpens your mind that helps you to do smart work with hard work that never lose in any condition.
Always believes in your hard work and on your skills rather than on luck.

5. Avoid Procrastination

Procrastination pushes you in a pit that covered fully with stress and tension and a way that helps you to come out from it takes your more precious time. A man who always follows his routine never finds himself trapped in a cage of procrastination. This has come under one of the bad habits which are responsible to make you an average.
How To Avoid Procrastination.

6. Introspect And Work On Your Weaknesses

Introspection is very useful to understand yourself. Many of you judge others so much of time but, do not judge yourself a second. When you do introspection it gives a broad range of information to you about yourself by remembering your past wins and failures, you easily understand what's your weaknesses and what's your strength.
According to me, you always have to do work on your strength and make it 100% that never beat by anyone. But, if you also do work on your weaknesses then it is more helpful. In physics, chemistry and mathematics. Your physics is so good but for gaining a decent score overall you also have to work on the other two subjects also. That gives you the stability to compete with other fields also. No one knows which knowledge works where. So, make your strength full, and work on your weaknesses in your free time.

7. Don't Be So Limited

Many lazy people have done this mistake or maybe many of you also there who do not want to break your comfort zone. Every people love that work in which no hard work to be done. But, slowly it makes you lazy and makes a very thick shield of comfort zone around you which you can't break even you want to break it. So, never place laziness in your body as a tenant. Try every work, generate new hobbies, learn new things in free time, ultimately it works for you in future and that time you give blessings to your past for not wasting time and utilize it in learning new things.
Comfort Zone has come under one of the bad habits which makes you hollow from inside and you can't sense it, are you going right or on a wrong path.
How Can I Stop Being An Average | How I Increase My Productivity | How I Go Beyond An Average Person

8. Catch The Opportunities That Life Provides You

This is so important factor in the eyes of mine. Your life is like a game for a God, he provides many opportunities for you. It depends on you is you utilize it correctly or not. This is common when you getting many back to back wins you understand some work small for yourself or you say "This work is so small for me I can't do it". And you done the biggest mistake there. No work is small and no work is large, this is you that makes your work large or small. You can't place your feet directly by leaving two stairs, if you do this then surely you will fall.
Even Apple is also starting from a garage. There is only Steve Jobs that makes Apple a big brand. So, catch every small opportunity you don't know which opportunity gives you what.

9. Increases Your Self-Confidence

Self-Confidence is always required to touch the sky. If you start thinking inside that you are average so, yes you are average and it affects your self-confidence too when you come in front of any big opportunity. Self-Confidence comes when you know that I am suitable for this work and no one is able to do it like me on this planet this increases your confidence two times that directly increases your success rate. 
You do only one thing every morning, wake up and stand in front of the mirror and say to yourself "I am the one whoever born on this planet to win forever". And see your results.

10. Do Important Work First Not The Urgent

I think this you understand easily by after reading heading only. It matches something like avoid procrastination also. Important work is important because it contains many risks if you don't do it on time. But, I think 90% of urgent works come only due to procrastination. If any new work comes suddenly then, it is a different case, but most urgent works come only by procrastination when you don't do it on time.
If urgent work is important to do it, if not so always prefer important work. Urgent work you also do after time no problem but important work always is your first preference.

11. Don't React So Overwhelmed On Yourself

You are average, no problem. You are average and also prefer to become an average whether your mind doesn't want it, then yes there is a problem. It reflects that you don't want to change yourself, you prefer only your comfort zone. If you want to gain something then you also have to do sacrifice without sacrifice, you can't gain anything. Change your routine start doing work on yourself because when everyone starts to cheat with you at that time only you will find one person stand with you that is only your soul that never cheats you. Only you have to make yourself such a tough man that can't be hurt by anything.

If you like this article so do comment on it, that gives me a pleasure and give me a new strength to write more articles for you.

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