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Learn To Do Belief On Yourself | Power Of Belief.

Learn To Do Belief On Yourself | Power Of Belief.
Do Belief On Yourself | Power Of Belief.

A man ask from God, "Why I am not so successful?, even I have so much belief on you".
God says, "There is no doubt that you have a full belief on me but, you don't have a belief on yourself which is so far bigger than any of my blessings".
Belief in yourself easily defeats any of the biggest problems of you. A man who doesn't have a belief on himself get lose easily in any of the fights whether it is of life or of any competition. It is not true that only some amount of people on the earth are intelligent and contains a talent that gives them fame, name and money. But, you say only some people have a strong belief on earth that defeats their fortune with a small amount of gratitude.
When you go on a path which directly sending you towards success, many people who feel jealousy from you try to stop you from there either by distracting you or by breaking your belief, because everybody knows without belief nobody can give their 100% and half of your dreams you lose on the same moment.
When we go on forward in our life many failures come, our mood start swings, sometimes we go into depression also, because we all are humans. Anybody who ever say from you that he is never feel bad on his failures, so surely he is lying. Everyone feels bad on failures, but people who have self-belief overcome from this in minimum time.
Belief comes from our heart not from our mind because our mind is like a child who likes first and after some time he like the second that's why everyone says always try to control your mind instead of giving a key of yourself to it. In that condition, there is only your belief which saves you.
I know when I am in high school there was a boy who is not so sharp in studies, but inside he felt that he was so good in studies. All the best students in my class watched towards him with a shocking eye and sometimes lose their confidence because when one has so much of belief or self-confidence on himself then, others feel so disgusting, and loses their own confidence with a period of time. But, he never broke his belief.
Next year, I changed my school and went to another one. After three years when we are in the last grade of our school life, we all were doing so much of practice to score the highest that year, so we get good college further. When the result came I did talk with many of my friends about the result and then, I listened to a piece of news that my past school topper was that guy.
I went to his home to congratulate him. And then I ask about his success, then he told me, that his belief of becoming topper always pushed him to do better and he studied around at least 8 hours/day. I felt so proud of him.
The comparison and never try to copy others, it will not give you anything, do belief on your uniqueness, that God gives you and which makes you different from any of the person living on earth. People who try to see the ways of doing business and making money on the internet and read about the ideas of entrepreneurs that they did in their life never get successful because many of the people except you always try to find out the same and reading the same concepts and copied things never works, try to use your unique mind which knows more than Google, due to internet people always do everything by using Google only and never use their own mind which makes their mind non-workable, use it do services of it and use it wisely. You can understand the world more wisely than Google. Understand the needs of your client, try to provide them with the best services instead to produce money. It helps you to get everything you want.
We meet many types of people in our day to day life and they give different types of advice. Many people prefer to read the success stories but, I challenge you to try to read the failures stories also.
Because success stories give you an idea about the ways which works but, failure stories give you a broad concept of mistakes that you will not have to do in your life.

A little voice whispering, 'May Be' when the whole world is saying, 'No'. This is called Belief.
So, start doing belief in yourself from now. Because whoever beliefs in himself, the world also bends in front of him only. 

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