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Motivational Quotes That Make Your Day #motivation #success


1.Try to burn like a sun, not remain cold as a moon because sun uses its own brightness for shine where moon doesn't.

2.Success needs time, time needs hard work, hard work needs determination, and determination needs you.

3.It is not important that how many years have gone, but yes this is more important that how much you changed yourself into this time interval.

4.Never lose hope because who knows that you are only one step away from your success.

5.When we got a thing before time, we did not understand the importance but, when we got the same thing after time it has no value.

6.Sky is not too high, this is our thinking that too small.

7.Always kept your hunger towards your profession like a space that can't be measure, and having never ending desires.

8.All things are so small in front of hard work in the way of success thatswhy God creates fingers before the stretches on palm.

9.Don't tell, show them what you are.

10.Do something that success should also choose you.
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