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Success Comes When You Deserve #deservedsuccess #heaven

           Deserved Success 

Success, this is a different kind of word which we can't define because it's meaning changes from person to person. Generally, if we try to define this for a 7 years old boy who wants to drive a cycle. So, for him, success is to learn to drive a cycle only.
But, similarly, if we talk about others then the meaning of success is different for youths, for senior citizens. It changes according to their requirements. What they want to do in their life and they got the same then, in their own eyes, they are successful. 
Success is not measured by money or fame its depend on your own satisfaction from your life.

Some Tips That Help You To Become Successful 

1. Always do that work what you want and like to do

It is simple if you engage in that work which you liked then, you gain mental satisfaction and done more and more better in that without any boredom.

2.Physical Exercises 

This helps you to become fit and reduces your stress. If you both physically and mentally fit then, you can do your work with better attention. It gives you a stress-free life to increase your interest level.

3.Introspection Works

For choosing your work interest take help of introspection because most of the people don't know about yourself clearly due to never doing introspection. Do it and observe a change, you understand yourself and your society better than before. 

4. Choose your work according to your interest, not by profit

Many people say always move on that path where less number of competitors are there you get success easily but if you don't like your work then, after a time interval you feel boredom from there. And this is a fact that in your interest you do better but in work that you doing forcibly you can't give your 100%, thatswhy choose only that work in which you can give your 100% then, after this it is not important that others in that field are intelligent or not because you do your work, and you can do it easily and give tough competition to others, and always win. This is the fact but many times we ignore it.

5. Try to control your unlimited desires

Many of you felt stress because you have unlimited desires and these desires always give you stress in greed to achieve them so sometimes try to control them and calm because, for physical wellness, mental wellness is a primary concern.

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