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Cheap Korres Body Products and Pacifica Products at JCPenneys

I went to my local JCPenney store yesterday to use 2 coupons for $10 off of a purchase of $25 or more. I was planning on scooping up long sleeve tees and sweaters at severe after President’s Day discounts.  I did just that (two sweaters, four long sleeve shirts, one t-shirt and one pack of adidas sport socks!).
What I wasn’t expecting to find were killer savings on beauty products! My local Penney’s store doesn’t have a Sephora inside, and I’ve only ever seen beauty supplies around the holidays.
Until today.
There were a few packs of Basil Lemon Korres Body Butter and Showergel, and a few packs of Pacifica Tuscan Blood Orange products.
The Korres Basil Lemon duo contained a 7.95 oz body butter and a 13.53 oz bottle of shower gel. These two products sell separately at online beauty
stores for approximately $38. this kit original cost $29.00.  I purchased two kits at $5.77 each. Total spent on Korres $11.54 ivs. $58.00 at purchase price for the kit (if purchased separately, the individual items would cost $76.00).
The Pacifica Tuscan Blood Orange set contains a .33 oz (10 gram) solid perfume, a 2 oz (56.7 gram) jar of natural body butter and a 3 oz (85 gram) soy wax candle that will burn up to 30 hours. The kit also included a quaint book of matches! This kit seemed to carry a new purchase price of $16.00. I purchased two at $3.17 a piece. I spent a total of $6.34 on Pacifica products that carry a regular sell price of $32.00.
Altogether I spent 17.88 on products that would have sold at JCPenney for $90.00.  I have already begun use of the Korres and Pacific products for future reviews here on
I have only began to use one set of each product though, and I am probably going to run a future giveaway on BeautyIsFluid for the additional sets.
However, I have other giveaways to start first. I believe the first one will begin on March 1st, 2011.
Hold tight.
And remember to always check your favorite department stores from side to side to find beauty steals in unexpected places. I didn’t go to JCPenney expecting to find severely discounted brand name beauty products, but I did.
I couldn’t be more pleased.
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