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Do you know that herbs can also help in weight loss?

Fresh herbs are used for flavor and taste in foods and salads. Do you know that herbs can also help in weight loss? Herbs work in different ways: some fill you up, others boost the metabolism so you burn calories more efficiently and others reduce appetite. However, herbs can only help in weight loss and slimming as long you are also following a weight loss or eat right diet. If you eat high calorie foods and hope to reduce weight by just adding herbs, you are wrong. Herbs are an aid that can get you going and also contain micronutrients that promote health. The best herbs for weight loss include:

  • Ginseng – this herb helps regulate blood sugar levels and promotes health, enabling you to exercise more vigorously and not feel tired. Panax or Siberian ginseng is best for weight loss.

  • Mustard – mustard seeds, added to food, actually speed up metabolism and help you lose weight faster.

  • Turmeric – this yellow spice aids in reducing fat formation and contributes to weight loss.

  • Ginger – aids the digestive process, boosts metabolism and also suppresses appetite, so you eat less.

  • Cloves – increase the metabolism, so you burn up more calories.

  • Acai berry – is popular for weight loss since it contains antioxidants and prevents fat from building up in the body.

  • Peppermint – reduces appetite, so you eat less and lose weight.

  • Black pepper – this hot spice increases your metabolic rate and also enables to the body to efficiently extract nutrition from foods.

  • Cinnamon – stabilizes blood sugar levels and boosts your metabolism.

  • Garcinia cambogia – it suppresses appetite, inhibits excess carbohydrates from turning into fats and promotes weight loss.

  • Guggul – aids by improving thyroid levels in the body, thus increasing metabolic rate and reducing weight and also improves cholesterol levels in the body.

  • Guar gum – this is high in fiber and helps by reducing appetite and inducing a feeling of fullness. It also binds with fat and reduces their absorption in the digestive tract.

  • Guarana – it is high in caffeine and is a nervous system stimulant. It is a diuretic and a stimulant, helps increase physical activity with accompanying fatigue, but it should not be consumed by people who have high blood pressure or are on blood thinners.

  • Dandelion – it helps by more efficient digestion of food, acts as a laxative and a mild diuretic. It is particularly useful when water retention is part of the weight gain. It slows the digestive process and so you don’t feel hungry soon and it also normalizes blood sugar and helps detoxify the liver.

  • Sage – reduces anxiety levels and blood pressure. It is especially good for people who eat food for emotional satisfaction.

  • Yerba mate – it works by suppressing appetite, increased fat burning and also reduces water weight since it is a mild diuretic.

These are the best herbs for weight loss. Where you can have fresh herbs, do so. Otherwise most of these herbs are also available as supplements.

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